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  1. having a little clear out.... excellent condition (never gigged. just light home use)... [b]Ashdown MAG 250 115 Combo[/b]..........last of the British made Combo's apparently (?). Complete with original Ashdown cover - has a small split on seam, but in very good condition, & kettle lead (i spoil you!) [attachment=38366:ebay_022.jpg] [attachment=38365:ebay_026.jpg] [attachment=38367:ebay_020.jpg] [attachment=38368:ebay_018.jpg] i'm most definitley no tech-minded, so will need to search out more specs, but Ashdown's web archives would prob suffice. does [b]£150[/b] collected sound fair? (am travelling between west london & south wales over xmas/new year, so could meet up along the M4 at some point en route. cheers, karl
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. mate, stick it on eBay....you'll should easily get more than £270 for a CIJ Jazz! (MIM's are going for this sort of ££.....from what i've seen recently)
  4. another one here who would snap it up if you were close or would post - it seems a steal to me!
  5. [quote name='The Funk' post='459566' date='Apr 10 2009, 07:54 PM']I think it looks very Prince.[/quote] +1. i think it's that longer top horn............me no likey.
  6. also try 'aurora project'. great service, value etc.
  7. [quote name='sgt-pluck' post='457731' date='Apr 8 2009, 07:20 PM']I'd offer him £100 - £150 quid for it[/quote] i bought an identical model bass a couple of months ago, but the ivory coloured version. it was on ebay, but i managed to get a deal with the seller direct. it's pretty much in great overall condition (a couple of knocks here & there, but that adds to its mojo!), & it is all original & complete. i paid £170 (included postage). [attachment=23507:roadsterfull.jpg][attachment=23506:roadsterhead.jpg][attachment=23505:roadserclose .jpg] [attachment=23509:ibanez79_2.jpg] [attachment=23508:ibanez79.jpg]
  8. [quote name='Duarte' post='454999' date='Apr 5 2009, 10:56 PM']I then looked at where it was made...and it said Made In Mexico, so I left the shop.[/quote] ariba ariba!!!......you no like the mexicans hombre?? [attachment=23368:ist2_316..._mexican.jpg]
  9. sh*t-on-a-stick!! i honestly thought i wouldn't like how this would look.......but it's gorgeous!! well done.
  10. likewise. cheers ray. (i have another feedback thread - how can i link the two/merge into one?)
  11. just picked up a gator hard case from ray.......great buy, a top gent!
  12. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' post='453645' date='Apr 3 2009, 08:15 PM']I also recommend pilates/yoga as well.[/quote] +1. i started a post-grad AT course, but TBH, i just couldn't get on with it. .....but like any therapy/treatment, if it works for you, great.
  13. kdphysio


    welcome aboard!! karl
  14. OMG! (what happens re data protection? i don't want to get a sh*t-load of advertising junk mail through the post or via email!) can't say i blame you though..... there's been alot of crap banded about on here over the last few months, & unfortunately alot of 'regulars' have disappeared too.
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