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  1. @EJWWI'm lucky enough to be on the Sandberg artist roster, and I borrowed the machine to run all my basses through over a few weeks! Worked wonders on a semi-hollow guild I wasn't in love with... Of course it might all be in my head!
  2. JMJ's signature roadworn Mustang in blue, strung with La Bella Mustang flatwounds. I've also put this through Sandberg's vibration treatment which I'm a big fan of with a new bass! Comes with it's stock gigbag, but i do also have a heavier duty Gator bag for it that i can add for £30. Straploks will be replaced with the original vintage style buttons. Happy to discuss shipping in the UK, collection very much welcome and meeting possible.
  3. This is gorgeous... exactly what i would've ordered from them so I wish I'd seen it first! Traditional enough to not upset most bands I'd say...
  4. There's a Fwonkbeta in the classifieds that could be worth a try. They sound pretty fun!
  5. @NJE You were enquiring about my Proton, so i'd suggest the Discombobulator... I've used one a bunch and it's got a similar wah-like feel!
  6. Hey @NJE, I'm afraid no sooner had I hit the submit button it was gone!
  7. All prices include postage within mainland UK. Collection welcome! 3 Leaf Proton Envelope Filter (This is the most current version) £230 SOLD Way Huge Pork and Pickle Smalls Overdrive/Fuzz £130 SOLD Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra Distortion/Preamp/DI £275
  8. @javi_bassistwelcome to the club... it's a challenge but very rewarding! Jamiroquai's Mat Johnson did some good Moog Bass videos you may find interesting: A few other channels I've found helpful or inspiring: Thiago Gomes - YouTube Emilio Rivera - YouTube The Real Free - YouTube csmcrckrs - YouTube Arty Party - YouTube 1. How to play funky synth bass - for bass players - YouTube I bought this course Jae Deal - Synth Bass Masterclass - YouTube and found it invaluable!
  9. How often do you hear bands (even exceptional bands) covering Stones song well? They might be playing the parts accurately but there's always something missing. I saw the stones a few years ago by chance, not expecting to love them. Charlie kicked off the set and gave me instant goosebumps. He also made a ton of mistakes but who cares! I do think Steve is the absolute perfect dep for them... his playing on Keith's solo records shows a great match.
  10. Two fun tracks to play there! I've done let's groove in a few different lineups, sometimes on a Moog, sometimes with effects, and if i'm honest I've generally found a nice warm bass tone to be the best option, as Verdine does live. However either the Source Audio C4 or Future Impact, will be able to replicate the synth tone (i'd be stunned if someone on either of their threads here hasn't made a patch already, or a good Octave pedal into an Envelope Filter will get you in the ballpark. Can't stop the feeling is an interesting one... could be an envelope filter/wah, or some really slow modulation. A Phase 95 set slowly will probably please your bandmates and won't change the mix too much!
  11. Everything I love about Pino is on show here... 3.55 for those who want to skip to the more Pino-centric stuff!
  12. Under that budget you could get an LD systems MEI1000 wireless… the sound quality is not quite the same as the sennheiser standard but we’ve found them very reliable. I also use a Fischer In Ear Stick, which can work in mono or stereo and sounds great. The Behringer clone of it is far cheaper but doesn’t seem to be able to deal with high input levels well!
  13. In my experience most drummers would rather not gig ever again than use rods 😄 To be honest I’m inclined to agree!
  14. Often I'm the least talented in the room but it's rare that i'm not the best-prepared... this goes a long way! There's so much to be gained from playing with musicians better than you, and i find very little pleasure in it being the other way around. It honestly sounds like you are a great band member... but never be afraid to voice any considered opinion you do have, even if it comes to nothing!
  15. I pinched these samples from a drummer I was working with, after really enjoying his click tracks. Use it on everything, seems to work really well... noticeable but musical! RITDO Click.wav
  16. @Quatschmacher Thomastik! A really good fit for that bass, by far my favourite. Labella's for anything else flat!
  17. @Al Krow I did indeed... tested them all very thoroughly and filmed a bit of it for anyone who was considering the same options! OC-2 still my favourite but reports from owners i know say that the 3Leaf Mk3 is really cracking. OC-5 was fine, but just lacked a little something fun for me.
  18. @Kev For me I love having the Sub solo switch, which I had on my COG T-47, and the opportunity to have all of this and a bit of extra volume on tap in such a small case was worth trying!
  19. @Quatschmacher I've just cancelled my order... sadly it looks like nothing is coming out of Spencer in the near future, or at all, and it seems Bass Direct feel the same. Couldn't have that kind of money tied up in thin air anymore! Original OC-2 back on the board!
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