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  1. That wood finish looks stunning, GLWTS Chris....
  2. Nice playing and great sound Miki, GLWTS!
  3. Maybe because he was investigated by the FBI for 10 years and there was never any evidence of sexual assault? Then why would such an intelligent, shrewd and savvy man as he undoubtably was, spend his down time integrating himself and sleep with children, let alone paying off millions of dollars to the families of other kids, 'to settle out of court'. If a bloke down the road was displaying this kind of behaviour the local community would be out to lynch him pronto. Unless of course you believe all the witnesses of his crimes were lying for their own means and that he simply loved children? As for the evidence, well the same argument could be said of Hitler, as there's no direct evidence to link him to the death camps, do you believe he wasn't responsible for them?
  4. No, following this documentary we've stopped playing his material. I fail to see how anyone cannot believe the man is anything other than a paedophile tbh......
  5. I bought a couple of pairs of strings from Greg. A totally free transaction and the strings arrived PDQ. I can only re-iterate what others have said, deal with this guy with confidence. Thanks Greg!
  6. Hi, my band is a 6 piece, and we are being asked for this insurance for one gig. Anybody know of a cheap policy we can get? Many thanks...
  7. I have to admit my experience of the NYXL range wasn't entirely positive. I really wanted to like these strings. The marketing shizz, reviews, and packaging really drew me in so I thought I'd give them a whirl. I usually use D'Addario XL Nickels on my Stingray. The NYXL's felt quite good to begin with like all new strings do, but to my ears while they had the low punch they lacked the usual zing I get from the Nickels. I persevered with them using them at several gigs and rehearsals, but found they just didn't do it for me sound or feel wise, so eventually reverted back to my usual Nickels. Different strokes I guess...
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. Great price for such an awesome bass, GLWTS...
  10. I would have thought you had a good case and that eBay would be helping you out, tbh....
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