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  1. That looks stunning.........
  2. Orbs

    Feedback for Greg.Bassman

    I bought a couple of pairs of strings from Greg. A totally free transaction and the strings arrived PDQ. I can only re-iterate what others have said, deal with this guy with confidence. Thanks Greg!
  3. Hi, my band is a 6 piece, and we are being asked for this insurance for one gig. Anybody know of a cheap policy we can get? Many thanks...
  4. I have to admit my experience of the NYXL range wasn't entirely positive. I really wanted to like these strings. The marketing shizz, reviews, and packaging really drew me in so I thought I'd give them a whirl. I usually use D'Addario XL Nickels on my Stingray. The NYXL's felt quite good to begin with like all new strings do, but to my ears while they had the low punch they lacked the usual zing I get from the Nickels. I persevered with them using them at several gigs and rehearsals, but found they just didn't do it for me sound or feel wise, so eventually reverted back to my usual Nickels. Different strokes I guess...
  5. Orbs

    *** SOLD *** 1981 Pre-EB STINGRAY

    Great price for such an awesome bass, GLWTS...
  6. Orbs

    eBay seller

    I would have thought you had a good case and that eBay would be helping you out, tbh....
  7. Hello Dood, yes sorry I did mean getting a good 'bass guitar sound'. I'll take your advice and investigate the decent studio monitor set up methinks.....
  8. What brought it home to be about my sound set up not being as sharp as I'd like, was when our keyboard player ran a track from his Mac laptop through his HK keyboard PA/amp set up at rehearsals. It was like wow hadn't heard that bit before, and it all sounded so clear at the time. This may have been due to many variables as already mention in this post, or possibly the track being played at a higher volume, but it certainly made me sit up and think. I've a decent pair of Sennheiser HD 600's headphones at home, but I prefer to play along to tracks at the same time. The obvious answer now may be, well why don't you buy a HK set up, but I just wondered what other peeps did to obtain a decent bass sound from their home hifi set ups ( btw, thanks again for all your suggestions on this )......
  9. I'm just plugging my hi-fi amp (an audiolab) straight into the Mac. I've no idea what sound card is in the Mac. After doing some research I think a DAC of some sort may help though.
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice, I've learned a hell of a lot of stuff so far from this!
  11. Hi Guys, I listen to mainly MP3's from my Mac via a couple of decent hi fi speakers and separate hi fi amp. My problem is the bass never sounds as clear as I'd like. I was thinking of adding maybe a sub to enhance the sound, or possibly upgrade completely. I listen mainly in my small man cave so cannot use huge stuff or crank the volume too high, nor do I want floor shaking type bass sounds. Doe's anyone use or have any recommendations on stuff that really brings out the bass guitar in recordings really discernible and crystal clear? Thanks in advance!