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  1. I don't blame him for doing it but I do feel he should let buyers know if he bought them as decorative/damaged instruments.
  2. Spotted the D stamp on the heel of several of the basses this guy is selling, mostly lefty stuff but if he is reselling the Thomann decorative stuff without informing the buyer then that seems like a really %&£$^$ thing to be doing http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-LEFT-HANDED-FENDER-JAZZ-COPY/282054218869?_trksid=p5411.c100167.m2940&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140131123730%26meid%3Da47d42752f8c4bbbbc0b13a441818052%26pid%3D100167%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D13%26sd%3D282054226466
  3. Stop making this thread about you, we all know you play for a living, how could we not. You tell us in what seems like nearly every post! OP posts a great vid of some people having fun playing great music and yet again, Blue. Jesus wept!
  4. Thanks for the links, has led me down an afternoon spanning rabbit hole! some really great stuff
  5. Subbeh


    Had this since Christmas but wasn't sold on the white guard that came with it. Got this tort one on ebay for little over a tenner and it finally looks like I wanted it to . Fresh set of strings and a setup and together with the new pickguard it's like having a new bass again!
  6. If it's the seller I think it is B stock tends to include instruments that were not deemed acceptable by the first buyer and they just chance their arm on someone else taking it at a discount. Send it back for sure if there's an issue with the truss rod.
  7. Subbeh

    Jackson 5

    [quote name='spongebob' timestamp='1458838943' post='3011450'] I've just been learning 'I Want You Back' for a band - never realised there was so much going on in there, it's amazing. About a thousand great ideas in a 3-minute pop song.[/quote] Might just be my favourite bass line ever, wonderful contribution to the song and just a pleasure to play.
  8. That does sound really nice, I've bought and sold quite a few OD pedals looking for the right one and I think this will be next on the list. Thanks for the heads up, hadn't heard of it before.
  9. There's something very honest and almost endearing about that bass, so much so that I can't help but like it.
  10. If there were issues he knew about but failed to disclose or his advert contained lies then the small claims court will side with you. Proving this is obviously tricky and unfortunately the biggest risk in private buying. A post on the speed, plod and the law section of the piston heads forum will help if you feel he has been dishonest and wish to pursue it.
  11. I subbed to him a couple of weeks ago, some good videos and often not something I'd otherwise have looked at or learned. Good stuff.
  12. [quote name='krispn' timestamp='1457570099' post='2999833'] Yup my thoughts exactly.[b] It's a statement of intent a bass like that![/b] [/quote] Not only true but what a great way to put it
  13. I can't say I've tried it but you're not wrong when you say it's looker. Wow! first bass I've had serious GAS for in quite some time, that is stunning!
  14. I'd say Motörhead and Billy Idol, I've seen more bands than I can remember in venues of all sizes but those two stand out as by far the loudest I've ever seen.
  15. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1457186421' post='2996131'] Love the look on the guitarists face at 6:00 when he looks around expecting to see the cones popping through the front of the cab. [/quote] I think he's just turning away in embarrassment at having to see the bass players 'sex face'
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