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  1. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1466732824' post='3078297'] I would doubt there are any Milwaukee bands playing 4 hours hauling lights and sound for free. Blue [/quote] Hang on I thought we were guaranteed no bands were hauling lights and sound, now you are saying you doubt it? Have we been sold a lemon?
  2. I rarely go post eq unless its a head used purely as a di box, bassists who mess with knobs on their amps all night just keep ruining the foh mix.
  3. That's what they are doing blue, if the charity does not pay the band the charity can use the money for whatever the charity does with it.
  4. I suppose the good news for those that play for free is that now they have been demoted from bedroom players to basement players they can use the spare bedroom that creates for the friends or family to stay in that will be watching them play in the basement.
  5. Just in case anyone is wondering there are no bands hauling lights and sound to play paid gigs in anyone's loft for four hours near me,not one.
  6. I've played to thousands of people for free but they were not there specifically to see our band, just to enjoy some free music and beers which is fine and some people enjoyed our music, some didn't. Most wedding bookings I've been involved with the punter has already seen us and liked us to the point we could impose a fee for the services provided. Summer fetes and free weddings for mates are not the same as being booked as a professional band even if no one or not all members of the said band are dependant on the fee to survive.
  7. You can buy single Allen keys on eBay.
  8. I think you have nailed it Number6
  9. [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1466405402' post='3075494'] For me, I think the key question boils down to this: Would you rather play to an empty room for cash (say, £500), or a busy room full of happy appreciative punters for no fee? [/quote] Almost all of my awful gigs to empty rooms or uninterested audiences were free gigs, some kind of charity night, yet almost all of my paying gigs of varying fees have been to either an appreciative or large (ish) audience, often both.
  10. Does every performer get paid at summerfest?
  11. I'm not sure about the tone on this new album, they should demand that he uses a Ray five in the studio!
  12. A multi pickup stingray five sounds like a good bet, if you can find one.
  13. I think some people would be surprised at the varying fees a pro bassist gets from gig to gig, I know a guy that does very high profile gigs one night and a £50 mid week gig the next. Some people wouldn't go to his high profile gigs if you paid them if they didn't like that artist so I'm not sure you can categorise quality anyway? I've not seen any free One Direction tickets knocking around for example but I'd rather mow the lawn or wash the car than go and watch them.
  14. The pots get scratchy too, a can of servisol sprayed in every nook and cranny while pushing and pulling and poking every knob and orrifice is the way forward, that's what would be done as a service.
  15. One local place we play with one 'accidentally' leaves the kitchen shutter unlocked and there are hooks over the stage door to handily put your extension leads onto
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