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  1. i shouldnt think you would but if you do just report em as spam...thanks for the vote anyway!
  2. My band has been signed up to this website called artboo! its going to be a new channel starting on sky tv! Were in the competition to get a slot on the channel and we need as many people's vote's as we can!! So...If anybody can spare 5 mins please go on www.artboo.com/inertia and vote for us down the right hand side! Thanks all!! Any votes are appreciated!!! Alex
  3. Ive had a five fifteen 100w practice amp in the past, an internal fuse went a day before the years warranty ran out so we had to shoot up to birmingham to get it fixed...it was sent off to ashdown and they were great they fixed it and i was lent another while it was sent away... Last year i got a Mag 300 115 combo which broke a month after buying it so i took it back and i think they said it was a fuse but they swapped it at the shop for the 210 combo at an extra cost of £20 they also threw in a £25 gig bag and a set of rotosound strings!! i cant fault the 210! But with all that said I really like Ashdown stuff!! Iv always used it and i like the sound of it!! Just bought a Hartke 3500 head so my Mag 210 combo may be for sale in the new year!!! Watch this space...
  4. Getting: Hartke 3500 (thanks RUMPLE) dunno what else! snow would be nice!! but then again...
  5. at our very first gig the headline band turned up and there guitarist had to use my guitarists...amp, pedals, leads, tuner, pick and even strap!!!
  6. cheers...a standard 3U or a standard 2U?
  7. Im hoping to collect my christmas present tomorow... a Hartke 3500 head! Ive looked at the specs and iv seen its a 2u rack mounted head and its 13" deep... my question is are all 2u racks 13" deep or do i need to specifically get a 13" one? Thanks Alex
  8. Either take your rig and tell them to bring a head... or let them now before the gig that you will be doing the swapovers with them and stand with them while they change the bass and while they change eq levels etc check them afterwards to check there not gonna damage your amp... Or just say they can use it but not change the levels etc...
  9. Iv got an AKG wireless bug...its great and ive never had a problem with it... If you want it to sit tight just put a little bit of tape over the antena and it stays where it is all night!
  10. [quote name='Crazykiwi' post='99137' date='Dec 4 2007, 08:26 PM']The Transporter has a lower power rating, no tweeter and the construction is less substantial than the 4.5xl, amongst other things. You can check the spec for yourself if you like.[/quote] Ok thanks I have and i just wanted some of you guys opinions on them. thanks for all the replys
  11. Im thinking about getting a 4x10 and a separate head instead of my ashdown 210 combo... I was looking at hartke gear...im hoping to get the Hartke 3500 head and i was wondering... whats the difference between the 410 transporter cab and the 4.5XL cab? What is the better cab of the 2? will i get about 250w out of the amp with either cab? thanks Alex
  12. ok thanks...I may be in touch about the cab but im still deciding whether im going to get a 4x10 or a 6x10... As far as the head goes one of the things i liked was the full conrol of the pre settings... so ill leave the head but may be in touch in a few weeks if it hasnt gone depending on what i decide on. Thanks
  13. how many watts is it with the 3500? i now the 3500 is 350w at 4ohms so what would that make this? how much would you want for the head?/ how much for both together?
  14. [quote name='vegas_hooker' post='96387' date='Nov 29 2007, 10:14 PM']So do they 'write' songs about child molesters often?[/quote] I was at the show earlier in the year when they first played that and the comment before it was ' This songs about pedophiles...weve got a f****n problem with em!' so... i think thats the only one! [quote name='Musky' post='96423' date='Nov 29 2007, 11:16 PM']Danelectro do plenty of curvy pedals. [attachment=3843:FAB_E_2T.jpg] Though obviously that one's an echo so probably not what he was using.[/quote] TBH that looks like it may have been it!? But i couldnt have been sure! as i said it was not very loud through all the distortion so i couldnt really tell how much effect it was having! Thanks all!
  15. no it was none of those pedals!!! Yeah there awsome!! There amazing live...just a pitty more people havent caught as they struggle to fill the venues!! nice guys 2!
  16. First played = a black Encore precison at school. The G string saddle on the bridge has collapsed and was being held up by a piece or folded up paper, (its still like it even today) First owned(kinda) = was loaned to me indefinately...a Red precison copy with Pj pickups, After scrubbing off all the Aerosmith stickers we found it had AXE on the headstock and i still to this day have not seen another AXE guitar or bass. It was/is a plank and weighs a tonne! One of the pickups has now gone and it doesnt really get much of an output! First owned = my first bass i acctually bought was a red peavey milestone!
  17. no its not that pedal it was more like a a marshall pedal shape! But i dont think it was a marshall i didnt expect to find out from the description i gave TBH i just thought someone might have known! The band arent big really i should have asked them on the night but i forgot! www.myspace.com/zicochain www.zicochain.com If anybody wants to have a look! Thanks Alex
  18. I went to see the Zico Chain monday night and i was stood right in front of Chris the bass player. I looked at all his gear as he came on to set it up but i couldnt work out what one of the pedals he was using was. It was a little orange thing, more of a circle than a square or rectangle(curvy), slightly smaller than his Boss overdrive next to it. The only other pedals he had was the boss overdrive and a Boss tuner aswell but was using an Ampeg SVT pro4 which he may of had a tube sound on giving him his dirty tone. It was hard to tell amongst the other overdrive which was always on but i think it was another overdrive or fuzz, possibly a filter but i couldnt be certain. Can anybody tell me from my terrible description what it was?!! Thanks Alex
  19. how much did you pay if you dont mind me asking?
  20. WOW the finish on that aerodyne is stunning!!! I want one!
  21. ok thanks guys ill give it a go!
  22. If i sand the neck of my jazz will it get rid of the gloss and make it easier to slide up and down? Will it damage my bass? My jazz hasnt really got that much varnish from what i can see, its just occasionally when i sweat at gigs i find my hand stickin a bit and wondered if sanding it will improve its playability? I heard Geddy did it? any held is great! Cheers Alex
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