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  1. [quote name='Zoe_BillySheehan' post='501332' date='May 29 2009, 11:52 PM']You're right it used to be bassworld. im also 17 and from the midlands lol. so what gear you got? how long you been playing? Z x[/quote] sweet ive been playin about 5 years. i use a fender jazz bass, ashdown abm 500 and 2 hartke 4x10 cabs, and a couple of different pedals. ive been thru loads of gear but seem to keep coming back to ashdown lol yourself? x
  2. Evening, ive been a member for agesss even back to before it became basschat, if i remember rightly it was bassworld ???? anyway, im 17 from the midlands thought id drop by and say hello again before i jump in adding my opinions and such
  3. My band have recently revamped everything apart from the line-up please have a listen on our page and let us know what you think. www.myspace.com/capturekendal cheers, havent been on here for a while better get busy catchin up on threads
  4. [quote name='CHRISDABASS' post='217116' date='Jun 11 2008, 07:05 PM']hi here's a pic of my mesa bigblock 750 head with my aguilar DB410 cab........and my lovely frankenstein jazz hope you like it sorry about the pic quality.......dam phone cameras!! [/quote] That looks really nice, the cab looks great! and the jazz well... SWEET!
  5. for the body a dry cloth when i put some lemon oil on the neck or when i change the strings. Other than that i generally dont clean it anymore, sometimes it gets a little wipe with the bottom of my tshirt but thats about it.
  6. [quote name='steve-soar' post='216536' date='Jun 10 2008, 11:59 PM']Have you got two rigs now? Ya swine. [/quote] Haha nah just 2 heads, well one of em is my dads, i just take it as a backup, and the mag 115 cab sits at my drummers and is used for practice!
  7. [quote name='steve-soar' post='216486' date='Jun 10 2008, 11:02 PM']Brilliant! Nice Tingray.[/quote] +1!!
  8. tis a beaut!!! You should get a metallic plate! the ones that look like metal grill! if you dont mind me asking: how much did you pay?
  9. [quote name='Kaiu' post='214603' date='Jun 7 2008, 08:28 PM']p.s bassboy115 I like it! The intro to So Sorry is cool, do you use a Jazz live? I found that my jazz doesn't cut through so I only use it for acoustics now [/quote] Kool Thanks alot, yeah i use a mexican jazz, i turn the neck PUP haf down as i find it cuts through better but when theyre both full up it doesnt cut through. Im hopein to either get some new PUPs for jazz or a music man SUB but atm i cant afford eithe so... Really like the album, and your fans, we get loads of these die hard elliot minor fans add us on myspace and they all seem really nice! Hopefully see you at the buttermarket! Alex
  10. [quote name='Kaiu' post='214510' date='Jun 7 2008, 05:46 PM']**** me, my names on there Right after Edward Van Halen. I didn't know that! lol[/quote] Im hopefully coming to see you at the buttermarket in Shrewsbury! If you need a support band... *cough* www.myspace.com/inertiatelford cough* LOL
  11. whiskey in the jar for bass, dont know whether it would be a quickie for your guitarist!
  12. Amps: Kustom practice amp Peavey Microbass practice amp Ashdown Five fifteen Ashdown MAG 115 combo (broke) Ashdown MAG 210 Combo (sold) Ashdown MAG 115 cab Hartke 3500 Hartke 4.5XL Hartke 4x10TP MAG 300 Head Best Looking Amp - Hartke 3500 & 4.5XL Loudest Amp - Hartke 3500 & 4.5XL Best Live Sound - Ashdown MAG 300 head & hartke 4.5XL Best Studio Sound - MAG 300 2x10 Combo and 115 cab (only ever been in the studio once) Most Commented Upon (positive) Live Sound from Punters - Ashdown 300 head & hartke 4.5XL Most Frustrating Set Up to get a sound out of - Hartke 3500 and & 4.5XL My opinion after just over a 1 years worth of Gigging!
  13. Bump for a great bass! played with Mark last Saturday and the tone of this bass was immense! also mention that the basses were cherished!! Straight onto Hercules stands the second they were out of the case! Great guy! good look with the sale! Alex
  14. lovely collection! Love the stingrays the neck on the 1978 looks very nice!!
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