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  1. Due to my cars handbrake being made of sponge. £350 plus postage price reduction
  2. [quote name='karlfer' timestamp='1500573205' post='3338830'] Cameron, open an account on something like ImgBB. Then copy & paste to here. Even a coffin dodger like me can manage that. Sort of [/quote] It's been a while since I've posted anything on here. I had done that but on photobucket, which needs some sort of paid for account now it seems
  3. Selling this as I no longer play live and could use the cash elsewhere. Looking for £350 plus whatever postage costs 900watt 4ohm / 500watt 8ohm so very loud amp and I've never needed to push it (even with a very loud drummer). Amp has the following : Genz Benz amp head Official gig bag Speakon cable Power cable And will be sent packed to the teeth �� I'm based in Motherwell but happy to send out. Feedback is in my signature Pictures don't seem to want to attach but send me a pm and I'll email them straight over Cheers, Cameron
  4. My Über spec ACG. I commissioned it while receiving no income other than student loan. The price of the bass came to about 65% of my loan and I have no regrets. In typical student fashion the other 35% went on alcohol.
  5. https://www.thetileapp.com/en-gb/ One of these makes a bit more sense.
  6. First post on here for what feels like an age... So my band recorded 4 songs ages ago and have basically not got round to releasing them yet. So heres one of the songs, another 2 will go up by the end of the week. Was the full bands first time recording in a professional environment but we done quite well I think, I'm fairly proud of the songs Honest opinons appreciated too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yuKLNYlZok
  7. If there's ever an occasion where one of us has to pull out of rehearsal we just rehearse without that person then they pay their share extra the next time.
  8. [quote name='MoonBassAlpha' timestamp='1464003115' post='3055637'] I love the sound as a tonal accent. If you use it all the time it isn't an accent.... [/quote] This...our drummer is a heavy hitter and often does rim shots but knows when not to. Everything in its place is a good thing.
  9. I found a good priced 2nd hand HD500 and use that through my speakers. Like most multi effect boards I have no idea how to use it but I'll get there eventually.
  10. If I hadn't just bought a guitar I would buy this instantly. This bass is perfect other than lack of strings.
  11. Should say, for those who may be interested. This is now on Spotify, Google Play and iTunes 😊
  12. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1463661880' post='3053187'] Thanks! Do you know if most of the signal is from the mic or DI? Do you know the mic? Anyway, it's an awesome sound [/quote] I'm not totally sure to be honest. There was 3 signals in total if I remember right. A DI before my pedals, a DI from the amp and then the mic'd cabinet. I'm not really sure how he's mixed them or the mic he used
  13. [quote name='cheddatom' timestamp='1463577469' post='3052476'] Great song, great sound! I especially love the big fat bass sound, and when you kick in that dirt!!!! YES!!! What's the dirt pedal/amp? ...seeing as the mix is near perfect I just can't help myself... the snare gets lost on the 2 loudest sections. [/quote] I'm using a Darkglass B3K and TC Hyper Gravity compressor. The amp was a Genz Benz shuttle 9 into an Ampeg 8x10 😊
  14. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1463535877' post='3052154'] Edit: I could comment on the grammar of this topic's title, but I assume that it's a deliberate, provocative jest, so I won't. [/quote] It was done at 2am after I had a bottle of wine so it was done in jest or I was too easily affected by the wine Also thanks for the kind comments folks!
  15. I prefer angled on my ACG and straight jacks on my guitar.
  16. [quote name='KK Jale' timestamp='1463547183' post='3052157'] (Word to the wise: atrocity has one T, won't has an apostrophe, edit that sh*t). [/quote] My excuse for that is that I didn't do the video
  17. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1463535877' post='3052154'] Nothing to add. Nothing to take away. Nigh on perfection. Special mention for (well, everyone, really..!), but I [i]do [/i]like that discreet blast beat punctuation from the drums. Bass tone..? Ideal for the job. Guitars..? Suitably panned, suitably together, suitably apart. The singing..? Spot on, including BV's. Best production job I've heard in a fair while. Good, solid lyrics, perfectly audible, splendid sober video... I could go on, but you'd only get even more embarrassed. Well done; congratulations to all involved. [/quote] By the discreet blast beat punctuation, if its the bit I think you're talking about he never done that until the recording day so ended up in me changing my part slightly on the day! Thank you for the kind comments though! This is the more 'normal' of the 4 songs recorded, the other 3 will be out some point soonish and make a little less sense
  18. So my band finally released a single. A few months back we recorded 4 songs and this is one of them! It's the first proper recording experience for all of us in the band and I'm quite proud of what we managed! Hope you enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHxM5CQDLyw
  19. I would like to be in a prog-metal band but I'm not good enough if I'm honest. My band just now has little smatterings of prog in some songs so I'll be content with that just now.
  20. [quote name='hairychris' timestamp='1463147975' post='3049065'] Ah, a Boden! I own a standard 8 (well, if you call a 28.675 scale standard!), and also tried out a couple of fan-fretted guitars a few years ago. If I was still playing 7s I'd definitely be looking into a FF. As for the Endurneck I think that I'd like to try before buying. Still, I do like the look of their 6ers and a bass would also be worth checking out. [/quote] I found the endurneck on the 6 strings made the neck seem way too small for my hands. I'm sure I would have got used to it but the 8 string neck is mega comfortable on the left hand!
  21. I own one very nice guitar and one very nice bass. Im a mediocre bassist and an absolute beginner guitarist but I like playing them so I'll adopt the "who cares" approach.
  22. Necessary? No. Will I ever own a bass without them? Also no. I would much rather have the peace of mind. I prefer the schaller straplocks and they're easy to fit...even I could fit them!
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