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  1. Absolutely. As the seller, you wouldn't want me crying in to my beer. Sad to see it go but part of my Great Purge. Getting down from eleven basses to just two; my trusty and ancient Ricky and workhorse bitsa Jazz. Five down, four more to go. As nothing compared to the Great Keyboard Purge. Parting with the Hammond C3 was heartbreaking. To come is the Modular Synth Purge and then the Blackface Fender Purge. Streamlining my life.
  2. Now £750 Beautiful immaculate USA Sterling in Natural with Maple Neck. Comes in Musicman hard case The Sterling is to a Stingray what a Jazz is to a Precision. Offset body and slimmer neck. Three band eq, ceramic pickup £25 P&P to mainland UK or pickup from Hampton Hill or can deliver Richmond area or M3/A3 corridor Surrey, N Hants. 4.4 kg on the bathroom scales
  3. Lakland Skyline 44-60 Joe Osborne Jazz Style bass. Translucent white so the Ash grain shows through Almost new condition. One barely detectable ding which I've tried to photograph for the sake of total accuracy in the description. Collection from Hampton Hill, SW London or can deliver M3/A3 corridor Surrey, N Hants. Otherwise I can get a quote for P&P. 4.5 kg
  4. Available again. Buyer dropped out.
  5. Early/Mid '80s SVT 810E. Mono, 4 ohms. I think it's rated at 800W. Doesn't say on the plate. Wife finally persuaded me that, whilst gigging with an SVT stack in my twenties was fine, now I'm approaching 60 and it isn't. Especially for duo gigs. Some scratches and tears to the back, see pictures. Collection only from Hampton Hill, Middlesex. [url="https://flic.kr/p/XJuuV8"][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/XkPAVJ"][/url] [url="https://flic.kr/p/XJuvVK"][/url]
  6. I think you chaps are right. Camouflage and security are the things. Think I'll put removable ply panels inside the Windows and blinds on the doors. Separate door hasp with concealed bolts and then some sort of alarm with SMS capability. I'd really like a fog/strobe system but they're a bit pricey.
  7. [quote name='Radchenko' timestamp='1492979142' post='3284622'] One shipped to Spain how much is it please? [/quote] €1,000
  8. A brace of One 10s in Silver cloth with one Roqsolid cover. Pickup only from Hampton Hill or can feasibly deliver to/meet up at the Farnborough or Portsmouth areas. [url="https://flic.kr/p/U9i2Ac"][/url]
  9. Yeh, I have an MB200 as a backup amp. It does satisfy the criterion of having a single volume control but the sound doesn't really work for me. Having said all that, I have a dream of an amp with just a switch and a volume control (to manage the noise threshold) and just running all the control off my USA Sterling bass which has all the EQ I'd ever need.
  10. This was my experience too. I could theorise all day about this. I'm an electronics engineer of 40 years standing and have designed and built many solid state and valve amps outside of my day job. But when it came to getting a new lightweight head, I just spent a day at Bass Gear and picked the one that sounded best to me, having come from 30 years of SVT/Fridge. It was the MB Fusion 500 that I liked. It happened to have a valve preamp, not a factor in my choice at all though. There was one sort of dogmatic issue. I'd really liked to have picked an amp with one volume control. Most bass players don't need to artificially overdrive their amps. We never had master volumes up until the '80s. The only amp which satisfied this was the Demeter. Too rich for my pocket though. Note to amp designers, an SVT stack isn't dirty. Quite the opposite. And there's no such thing as starved plate, it's a starved anode.
  11. [quote name='MGBrown' timestamp='1492888496' post='3283977'] No contest: An old Peavey 410tx. I just sold mine for £35 on e*ay. Slightly more than 40kg and a bugger to lift single handedly. [/quote] Too big I'm afraid. The 4x8 was tiny but made of depleted uranium.
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