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  1. I bought an amp off Emmett. What a great guy to deal with. We struck a deal in the morning, it was boxed up and sent that same afternoon, I received it the next day! That's quicker than most shops! The amp was well packaged and he threw in a Mapex gig bag too. Can't fault this guy and would recommend him. Great comms throughout. Jas
  2. +1 for PMT in Farlington. As for gigs/venues, look up Ricksters gig guide on Facebook. It will have most of the gigs in and around Portsmouth and open mic nights are advertised on there too.
  3. I've been gigging a Gramma Pad nearly every weekend for the last 4 years. It still looks like new. Really impressed with it.
  4. Bought a Boss Distortion pedal. Well packaged and very quick delivery. Great communications throughout the purchase. A great Basschatter to do business with. Jas
  5. I have built a shovel slide guitar recently. I saw Justin Johnson playing his on YouTube and thought that was fun. Mine is an old and well used shovel, I had to knock of quite a lot of old cement and crud off it before I started. I like the old and worn look..... It has a 3 pole pickup that I got from ebay, and to be honest it actually sounds quite good. Its best played with a healthy dollop of distortion. I currently have mine tuned to Eb and I am learning to play The Ace of Spades on it. Its great fun.
  6. [quote name='la bam' timestamp='1507661500' post='3387102'] I watched a band called 'The Hamsters' years ago in Bolton. During their Hendrix set they played All Along the Watchtower, and to this day i can still remember the power of how they played it. Absolutely awesome - real next level stuff. [/quote] Yeah, another Hamsters fan here. Really tight 3 piece, seen them dozens of times up and down the country. A great live set and covered a lot of RnB really well, not just the Hendrix and ZZ Top songs. Gutted when they stopped touring. Mind you, 25 years and over 4500 gigs is pretty good going....
  7. Thanks for your help Steve, really appreciate it. Jas
  8. Thanks for that, just wanted to make sure before I start playing with other cabs. I take it the two jack sockets are linked, so it doesn't matter which one I put a single 4ohm cab into?
  9. This might be a really stupid question....... On the back of this amp there are two speaker jacks to plug in the cabs and an Ohm selector switch. If i have it set on 4Ohms, does that mean i need a 4 Ohm cab connected to each jack, or is that 4 Ohms in total (so an 8 Ohm cab in to each jack)?
  10. I bought one of these a while ago, it's great for the money. I put a set of Ernie Ball flats on it and it plays very well. It gets gigged most weekends, only for one song in the set list, and sounds great. All in all a superb Bass for the money Jas
  11. What a great song/video. I really liked it, thanks for sharing.
  12. Norman Watt-Roy He was the reason I took up Bass after years playing guitar. I saw him live with Wilko Johnson and his playing mesmerised me. I went out and bought a Bass the following week...
  13. Another fan here. I've got the 410 combo and gigged it for a while, but it is very heavy so went lightweight. I have it at home and use it as my practice amp every week. A great amp for the money, and as has been said above, quite versatile. For £80 its a no brainer, go get it ..... Jas
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