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  1. Yeah, it's good that it's plain and I want it blinged like the disco princess I am, rather than the other way around :-) I keep coming back to look at the pics for the way the light is reflecting off the pick up poles.
  2. Hehe! They're ok. A closer look at the area above the pick up would be good, though.
  3. Wouldn't stop me buying it, but I'd have to have something done to it. Where possible, I prefer matching headstocks.
  4. Having seen the Zoot decals, that's a real shame, because as nice as that Bass looks, in fact because it looks so nice, that is one of the ugliest headstocks I've ever seen! Looks like the sort of stuff you'd see written on a "My First Bass" package from the 60s. I wonder if Mike would pep it up a bit? For instance, paint it matching white and slap a decent font on it.
  5. Can you give me more of an idea of the provenance of this Bass? Iceni music seems to be a shop rather than a builder and I can't find any more info. Cheers!
  6. How can you tell? None of those pics is in focus! 😂
  7. If you want a copy of the 12" vinyl, buy one here and I'll bring it with me when I come over in May.
  8. A bunch of old Aussie geezers and one Brit got together on a tropical Island and made some music. https://www.facebook.com/TheBlowUpSweethearts/ A-Side snippets - B-Side Snippets -
  9. Thanks, I didn't know about that one.
  10. May 7th - June 3rd. I'm good with the parking and general getting around, it's only 5 years since I've been back. Recommendations for a specific shop or event/venue would be great.
  11. I left Portsmouth for Oz in 1990. Shortly after my last trip home, five years ago, I took up Bass. So I've never been a muso in England. I'm coming home for a visit in May next year and need some shortcuts for the following: Places to shop Bass gear. Jam/open nights. Gig venues. And it'd be great to play a few with a local band somewhere. I'm based in Portsmouth, but I'll have a car and an Australian attitude to distance... Also, is there a place to hire gear? I'm thinking of bringing a bass with me, but I'll need an amp when I get there and maybe it'll be easier to hire a Bass too.
  12. Born and bred in Portsmouth, left for Australia when I was 22. Was 12 in 1980 and got caught up in the Mod revival. Scooter Boy for a while after that (Saw King Kurt @ Grannies at the Tricorn), then Army, then off to Oz. Rugby throughout. Band from 1994. I'll start off with some extracts from my BandMix profile: [color=#101010]Beginner Bassist, just starting to get things together. I've got about 60 songs in my playlist and any of those I can play competently on stage. I'm finding new songs easier to pick up, but it's still not a given that I have the chops to play everything. I was lead singer of a cover band for about 10years. Still some way off singing & playing at the same time. I can play & sing a few songs and can occasionally chip in with a harmony. [/color][color=#101010]I've been in a pub rock band (singing) for years so that's what I know and play. But I love 2Tone Ska, Madness and a lot of that early 80s UK stuff. (That's where I grew up). I don't mind New Romantic or disco. Then again, I love King Kurt, Kylie and Green Day.[/color] [color=#101010]I bought my first bass and rig this year, so it's also my only gear (pics attached):[/color] [color=#101010]Bass: Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay4 HH Neck-Through[/color] [color=#101010]Amp: Ampeg PF-500[/color] [color=#101010]Cabs: Ampeg PF410 + PF115[/color] [color=#101010]I scoffed at GAS, but have since realised it's a real thing, to be resisted![/color] [color=#101010]But, if I were susceptible, I'd be after: A Rickenbacker 4003 Walnut A Gibson Thunderbird A black Warwick Buzzard with the LEDs; and A Jazz V[/color] [color=#101010]I bought the StingRay from Sweetwater for a fraction of the cost that Aussie retailers wanted, even after the ~$800 for shipping + Taxes, it was still a thousand bucks cheaper. Then I noticed that Qantas had a special return airfare to San Francisco (where my brother-in-law lives) for $999, so I went and got it. Or rather [i]we [/i]went and got it. Thus spending two grand to save 800 bucks! But we did get a holiday...[/color] [attachment=216922:Full.JPG][attachment=216919:Back.JPG][attachment=216921:Front.JPG][attachment=216920:Bass & Rig.JPG]
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