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  1. I did BV in my last band until I saw a video of a gig, never sang a note again unless they wanted a room clearing.
  2. For guys like me in their '50's, Badge by Cream is a nice one.
  3. Thanks for the feedback guys, I am now shamed into giving it a much needed clean up I also think that a new "vintage" bridge is called for but I will keep the old one. I think there is life in the old dog yet and it's a keeper.
  4. The strings are not original and the neck is good and straight and plays well. No problems with the intonation and all the electrics are in good nick. The pick guard looks like it's been painted white at some point but it is metal underneath.I was wondering if a refinish would be worth it?
  5. Thinking of selling this '83 USU built '57 RI but it's been played hard and got rusty saddles but sounds like a beast and play great. Just had a pro set up and is all original, so the question is - how much do I pimp it for? Photos hopefully attached.
  6. Macca is my bass hero, he made me want to play bass. My brother, who is 7 years older than me, loved the Stones. He could not understand that there was no contest between Macca and Bill Wyman the playing stakes.
  7. [quote name='steve-soar' post='1020904' date='Nov 12 2010, 01:45 AM']f*** 'em. Try your best to avoid any taxes.[/quote] +1
  8. In my last band, I cocked badly one gig and one of the guitarists had a Sh*t fit in the dressing room afterwards. The rest of the band took the piss in a good way and when talking to the crowd, no one had noticed. Great feeling at the next gig when said guitarist came in have way though the into in the wrong key, even the crown took the piss, bliss.
  9. I always find if a drummer drifts out of sync with a click track, a swift punch to the side of his head acts like a reset button.
  10. Buy it a new set of strings for Christmas and a pro setup when I can afford it. It also likes the taste of Pledge.
  11. [quote name='vistacruiser' post='1009205' date='Nov 2 2010, 01:00 AM']Hey all, Just dropped in and liked the place, so thought I'd stick around a while. Names Brad, I play mostly blues and rock, After 30+ years of playing I have a bunch of basses but mostly like P basses and Ampegs. (older stuff) My main bass is the P/J in my profile, I made the body at home, painted it and built it up from parts. I like making stuff for the band almost as much as playing gigs. My band here in Wisconsin is called Noonday Son, we're on facebook if you're interested. Recently I began an "original music" project with two other guys, with a goal of recording and releasing some tunes. Then my basement flooded in July and delayed band practices, fortunately the equipment was still packed from a gig so it was easy to save, and we're back at it again! See ya'll later, Brad [attachment=62841:DSC08996.jpg][/quote] Welcome aboard Brad.
  12. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' post='1001289' date='Oct 26 2010, 04:22 PM']Somewhere near the town centre so I could go to the Ernie Ball'room dancing classes and at weekends I could take a drive out to the Stingray harbour in my Mercedes Genz-Benz too [/quote] That's just a Status symbol.
  13. What a beauty, should be on the porn pages, I just got a semi
  14. [quote name='fatback' post='995107' date='Oct 20 2010, 05:16 PM']+1 The double bass Simandl technique is the one.[/quote] Thanks for the tip, I googled it and now am going to give this a shot. I have just started using finger style as I always used a pick so it another challenge and a new learning curve to test me. Lets see how the wrists hold out, If you get my drift.
  15. Thanks guys, I think I'll go and do the rounds of the Manchester music stores and choke a few necks to see if any fit the bill.
  16. I have rheumatoid arthritis and 3 the last 3-4 months I have been pain free ( due to an injection in the wrist) and am playing for around 30-45 minutes a day. I use a '57 RI P bass but I find that I can't stretch my fingers too well to cover 4 frets on one string. I was thinking of going for a short scale jobbie to see if this will help. Can anyone suggest a good one, not to heavy either?
  17. [quote name='mildmanofrock' post='981312' date='Oct 8 2010, 10:05 AM']Status Matrix. The bottom strings boomed and the top ones twanged like elastic bands. No weight, no body, no punch. Makes me shiver just thinking about. My Rickenbacker 4001 too. I was after the Chris Squire thing. It played like a garden hose and smelled like an old sideboard.[/quote] I bought a Rickenbacker 4001 fretless in the early '70's. The neck was twisted and would not tune and it too smelled strange.
  18. [quote name='RhysP' post='980676' date='Oct 7 2010, 04:28 PM']It's not the humidity I'd worry about over there, it's the termites.....[/quote] Gtreat name for a band!
  19. [quote name='The Burpster' post='980154' date='Oct 7 2010, 07:01 AM']The move from the UK to there should be managed carefully but once out there and its used to it, it wil be fine. It will require setting up but once its stabilised it will be as it is here. Remember its not green wood - it is well sorted and now fairly old. All its wild bowing days are well behind it! (unless you abuse it of course!)[/quote] Cheers mate, that puts my mind at rest. sam
  20. [size="2"][/size]I am going to retire to Thailand in a couple of years and am worried what the heat and humidity will do to the neck and electrics on my beloved '83 Fullerton '57 RI P Bass. My house out there is air conditioned and outside the temp reaches 40C and the humidity instantly covers you in sweat. I intend to buy a Status S2 so no problems there but I don't want to turn my old P Bass neck into a banana. Lets have your thoughts Sam
  21. I learned a lot from playing in cover bands, different styles of bass playing that I would not have tried otherwise. I learned my stage craft in them and it gave me the confidence to go to auditions and think " I can play that." Plus, I had a blast doing it.
  22. My first gig was at the school annual dance in Glasgow around 1969-70. I was playing a borrowed P bass and after playing Badge, Whole Lotta Love and Cherry Red, the crowd were shouting "Band off Disco on" for the rest of the set. Sam
  23. Hi Ya all, Bassman Sam at you service. I'm a 55 year old arthritic bass player who used to play all over the UK in various blues,covers, tribute and own material bands. These days due to the above mentioned, I get the trusty and rusty old P bass off the wall as and when the condition lets me. At the moment, I have only 1 bass, a '83 Fullerton made '57 RI in natural and a bit tatty condition but it still sounds the DBs. I have been lurking around here for a few days now and thought it was time to join the merry throng. I am hoping that someone out there can help me with some exercises to keep the old joints moving( fingers I mean, I have no trouble with the other kind.) . Look forward to some great chats. BTW, the photo attached is about 12 years old. Sam
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