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  1. As they say, turnover is vanity, profit is sanity! The problem I'm seeing with it being seen as a good way to get experience blah blah blah... I've done a music degree, I've been gigging for a living for around 6 years now... not once have I ever thought "damn, I wish I'd done that gig for the exposure". I just can't see how anyone in the right mind would see this as beneficial for their career. That, and they're saying professional standard etc. I've found that people fresh out of college generally speaking aren't of a professional standard. Hard truth, but that's only the start. It's like passing your driving test. Yeah, you can do this, that and the other. It's only when you're out in the real world doing it, you then develop properly.
  2. When I'm on ears (which is most of the time), I send a DI from the amp head (post EQ) to the engineer, sometimes the cab gets a mic as well. And then I get full control of my mix via iPad (Allen & Heath) for the most part, or when on festival gigs there's normally a monitor engineer to take care of me. As for whether I have the cab or not, depends on how much space we've got on stage. I'm used to big stages, but sometimes we get a small one and it can be overkill. The key is decent in ears I find. I use Ultimate Ears UE11 and they've been incredible, though there are loads of equally good and possibly better ones out there too, just depends what you want to spend really. PA placement determines if I have the cab on me or not, as I do like the feeling of the vibrations. If the PA stacks are on stage, I'm quite happy to just go with in ears. I'm pretty close normally as I go far stage right, but that also means my cab and laptop (runs bass synth sounds) can be to my right in the wings should I desire such as bigger stages, or when we're in venues and there's inhouse PA which don't give as much back through the stage. When I'm not using the cab, the engineer's drive rack is usually next to where my cab goes, so I still take the amp head and laptop, and sit it on top of that. Works well! As for haptic monitoring, I'm yet to find one I like. I've tried the Porter and Davies platform, and throne too, and it just doesn't feel very real to me.
  3. If you break your 1+2+3+4+ up again (think half and half again), so it's 1ee +a 2ee +a 3ee +a 4ee +a, your first note comes on the ee of the 1, the fill goes over two bars, and then everything comes back in on the nose of the 1 third bar. Never failed me or tripped a drummer up yet
  4. Last stencilling I had to do, I used some good quality card and cut out with a scalpel. I used just a generic white spray paint from Halfords straight onto the Peli with no issues. The trick is a few light coats and gradually build it. I didn't get any runs, and when I was done with the case and wanted to sell it on, some all purpose cleaner, nailbrush and jet washer got it off easily enough.
  5. After much deliberation, I've decided to put my Warwick Corvette Standard Fretless up for sale. It's a 1999 model, the last of of the ones before the quality took a dive for a while! The body is Bubinga (and a very nice piece of it at that), with a Wenge neck and Ebony fretboard. Electronics wise, around 8 - 9 years ago, I had a John East 3 band preamp fitted which completely transformed the bass for the better. I've owned it since 2007, and it's been very well looked after since, but just hasn't been used enough to justify keeping, as I have another fretless which suits my needs more (5 strings). Condition wise, it's very, very good for it's age with only a couple of minor dings and a bit of wear on the writing on the pickups. I've photographed the dings, which on the bass, you'd have to know they were there to see them. Fingerboard wear is to an absolute minimum as Ebony is a hard wood anyway, but it's also been strung with flatwounds throughout my ownership. Price wise, I'm looking for £700. No trades on this one, cash is king (or BACS / PayPal family and friends). If anyone has any reservations, feel free to see my feedback in my signature. I'm also willing to post the bass at buyer's expense, but please note that I won't ship if the postage isn't signed for, or insured to the value of the bass. Pictures to follow (basically when Flickr starts working again)
  6. goblin

    New bass week!

    I love it, still getting my head around sweepable mids as I'm a bit of a dinosaur in that area. But it's incredible, in both feel and construction. The sound is something else too.
  7. goblin

    New bass week!

    It's all a matter of opinion I guess... I know which one I prefer
  8. goblin

    New bass week!

    Well, after around a year since placing the order, I got the go ahead that my brand new custom Alpher Mako Elite 5 is finished, and last Monday, I went and picked it up. I'll just let you look at the photos first... Alpher Mako Elite 5 by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Alpher Mako Elite 5 by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Alpher Mako Elite 5 by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Alpher Mako Elite 5 by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr An absolute beauty. I'll take you through things! The body is a highly figured, single piece of maple, with a 'crazyburl' top, which for those who don't know, is basically a burl which has been impregnated with dyes, and stabilised with resin. The neck and control cavity plate is roasted birdseye maple. The electronics are Aguilar's super single pickups, three of them. There's one at the neck, and then two together to make a humbucker. These can be configured at the flick of a switch to be series, single or parallel, and then blended in with the neck pickup, giving a wide range of available tones before you even look at the preamp! The preamp itself is pretty simple, an Aguilar OBP-3, so three band with sweepable mids. Here's a quick video from the day I collected of how she sounds!
  9. I’m selling my trusty workhorse of the last two years - my Fender Jazz Elite 5, in Tobacco Sunburst. I purchased it new March 2017 from Guitar Guitar in Newcastle and it’s been worked, but very well looked after since. I think I’ve used it’s original hard shell case once, and then it’s been on top of my wardrobe since as I always use Hiscox, or Harvest gig bags. The body is Ash (the solid finish ones are Alder as it’s cheaper and it’s covered), maple neck and the finish is Tobacco Sunburst, which is a much harder colour to get hold of. This was one of two left in the UK for sale at the time I got it! I’ve put Dunlop strap locks on which went on when new, I’ll leave these on it! Only reason for sale is the Alpher will be my main bass, and I know this won’t be getting anywhere near as much use now, so I may as well downgrade for what will effectively be my spare bass! Condition wise, I'm giving it a solid 9.5/10, theres a very faint mark on the neck which isn't in the way of playing, and I've no idea how it even happened to be honest. It'll probably rub out with some light abrasive! As you'd expect, a little bit of faint marks from belt buckles, though the majority of the time it hasn't been played with a belt on, so this is absolutely minimal! Again, some very light marking on the scratch guard. Last time it was setup, everything from the frets to the electronics were checked, cleaned and such. Even under the pickguard, everything is as good as it gets. The bass is effectively like new in that sense. I’m not really looking for trades. If I was, the only thing I’d be interested in is an Aguilar DB or SL112 with cash my way, or another Jazz 5 / P Deluxe 5 of sorts, again with cash my way! PM me for for any more details! Looking for £1300 Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  10. Exactly, you can't rush perfection! I spoke to Chris earlier as he was asking me about cases, and he said it should be going for final setup this week... so not long at all!
  11. Yeah they're very busy, my Mako Elite 5 custom is constructed now, and now needs to settle and have it's final setup... it's been 12 months so far, but when you order it's made very clear that there's a wait. I have absolutely no issue with this though and can't wait for its arrival
  12. I've never thought of using my luggage scales... Bugger! I always set the bathroom scales to KG, weight myself... then weigh myself again holding what ever it is I want to weigh, then a quick bit of subtraction sorts it!
  13. I just use Dunelm velcro, super super strong stuff!
  14. Ahhh that can only be Noel Best heckle I've done to my own singer on stage was "We've had a request... and sorry, he's going to continue performing!"
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