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  1. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    I'll see if I can dig some out from when I built the board. Can't take any now as it's back up at my lockup, and filthy so wouldn't photograph well!
  2. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    Also, everyone should invest in a roll of ProGaff - you can tape leads down with it and it doesn't leave awful residue. Comes in numerous colours! Lots of flight cases on the tour, all of mine have a white strip of tape on, with my name and what each case is for. Same with the guitar stands, plus, strip round the bottom of the legs, show up under minimal light so you don't trip over them!
  3. Top Tips and DIY Hacks

    Some of my favourite hacks: On my pedalboard, my IEM receiver is on there (got a Cioks DC10 so plenty of power!), and my pack is always in my bits box. Hey presto, instant monitoring wherever I go. On the sides of the pedalboard, one side has a PowerCon and a jack output socket hardwired to the Cioks and the output of the pedals, and I've got a 6m loom in proper sheathing and heatshrinked at the ends - one simple coil end of the gig, also neat and tidy on stage. Other side has jack in and XLR in, jack goes to signal chain, XLR wired to the IEM receiver - keeps everything neat on stage. Entire board is self contained too! Not done it yet but will be, each side of the board has a spare space on the plate for another socket, so another input is going with the inputs, and an XLR out on the output side too - under the board I'm installing a slimline DI box - acoustic bass goes into one side, signal to PA the other back down the send loom - neat and tidy on stage, everything contained. On tour, I carry microporous tape everywhere in the bits box, and another in my clothes case - tape my IEM buds cable to my back with plenty of slack - stops it sliding down my back and pulling, and also makes changing basses much quicker and easier. Silent jack on the acoustic bass - means I can plug and unplug it as I wish on stage without relying on sound engineer to mute / unmute. At home, I've got a compartment of my wardrobe (big IKEA Pax system) where my tour gear all goes when I'm at home. Basses in the bottom (double and a single Harvest bag), stand up next to each other and a perfect fit. Cases go on the shelves above - neat and tidy!
  4. EBS OctaBass

    EBS OctaBass black label, works perfectly though tatty to look at. Comes with original box and paperwork. Price includes UK shipping. £60 Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  5. It's been up here once or twice before testing the water, but having ordered a new custom bass, this one is definitely, definitely on the market now. I'll be sad to see it go, but needs must! The bass in hand is a 2006 Warwick Infinity NT5, in a gloss finish. Condition wise, I'm going to say 9 out of 10, if you've seen my feedback, you'll probably know that I tend to underestimate a bit as I'd rather have a buyer 100% happy with what they get. But ultimately, it's a working bass and it has worked for it's living, so there are a couple of marks on there, but all very minor as I still baby my gear! The most superficial, is some very minor buckle rash on the back, and it has a slight mark just below the bridge too (that's too hard to photograph). Other than that, the bass is pretty much immaculate. Woods wise, the body is chambered Ovangkol wings, with a AAAA birds eye Maple cap, and birds eye Maple thru-neck, which is 7 piece, with Wenge accents. The fretboard, unlike usual Warwicks, is actually ebony. The bass start life as a fretless, and at some point before I bought it, was professionally converted to a fretted bass. To be honest, I didn't know it had been done, and being very picky with how my instruments play, there are no tell tales to say it was fretless. But, the ebony 'board makes it sound better than any other Warwick / Infinity I've played, that, and it's a very robust wood, with robust stainless steel frets, which have got no wear too. They're also much easier to keep clean, because as nice as the bell brass Warwick frets are, they rapidly go dull with use. The finish on the bass is a 2 pack clear lacquer. I had this done at the end of 2015 by Brian Eastwood guitars (if you haven't heard of them, I highly suggest checking them out. It wasn't a cheap job, but it's not a cheap bass). This was purely done to protect the wood, as being a players' bass, I wanted to protect the longevity of the instrument, and pale woods are noted for not looking great after a while if untreated. Whilst it was in, I also had them remove Warwick's laughable excuse for a barrel jack, notorious for failure (it's had 4 replacements in my time with it!), and a Neutrik locking jack was properly fitted in it's place. This has been absolutely flawless since, and this bass has been played a lot! Also, the plastic Just - A - Nut was replaced with a brass Just - A - Nut III, that and Warwick 5s are noted for being a bit tight on the bridges for B and E strings. The bridge has been properly filed during a setup to allow wider strings to fit with ease (I wasn't giving on Elixirs that easily!) As I've already said, the bass has worked for a living and I've described it as accurately as possible, but I've made sure it's stayed in fine fettle, receiving a full setup every six months without fail. It's always been transported in good cases too, and has never been dropped. Included in the sale is the original service pack it came with, and it'll be in the Warwick issue flight case too. I'll be sad to see it go, but needs must now. I'm asking for £2000, which considering the new price of these is very fair, and also taking into account the work it has had done. I'm based in North Manchester, but with being on the road, chances are I can bring it somewhere or meet part way. Failing that, I'm willing to package it up and ship it, fully insured to the value of the bass. That can be negotiated Strictly no trades on this one, cash is king! I do have some sound clips available of it too. Any questions, just feel free to ask! Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  6. That was an odd rehearsal

    I'm sure Alex told me about that one
  7. Now sold pending payment
  8. As it says on the lid really. Very good for the money these, I ran it for a few years and I thought it died, so upgraded to a Cioks DC10... turns out it was the power adaptor that had died, bought a new one on Amazon and we're good as new again! 6 isolated outputs, two of which are switchable between 9 and 12v, at 300mA per channel. Quite happily ran my board with some pretty thirsty pedals on there. I'd still have it had I not upgraded. Got the cables for it of varying length, new power adaptor and original box. £20 posted. Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  9. Bought new a year ago, had specifically built for myself as I wanted hands on the sides, not the lids. Rack strip on the front, good condition. Some use marks, but being a flightcase it was bought for purpose which it has served. 30cm deep plus lids, lids removable on both ends, top quality from Swan Flight too. Cost me over £100 new. £50 plus postage Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  10. Don't need this as bought for an idea I never got round to. Sonuus B2M bass to midi convertor. Converts signal from bass to monophonic midi, I used to it drive a synth but can be used for studio application, other live use etc. Comes in box, in immaculate condition. £40 posted in the UK Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  11. Definitely, I love it but with my Aguilar rig only weighing marginally more, and the boot of my new car swallowing everything of that up including basses with the seats up, I don't really need such a compact amp now. Shame as I was lusting after one for ages, but if it's not being used...
  12. Selling my Italian made MarkBass CMD121p with Roqsolid cover. It's immaculate and had very light use (I know it's last owner). I've only used it on a couple of gigs and it sounds great, but just not getting enough use as I'm not doing many function gigs at the moment, and with a new bass incoming, I'd rather take the financial bite off that a bit. Based in Manchester but I gig all over on a regular basis, so chances are I may be near you some point. It's also light enough to box up and post too, so that's an option, and collection is more than welcome / encouraged too. Looking for £550 for it, bearing in mind it's condition and cover (which is in just as good condition) Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr
  13. Alpher Instruments

    I'll be adding to this! After lots of uhming and ahing, I saw a post on their Instagram which had me going to see them at first given opportunity. Went up to Alpher HQ for a few hours yesterday, and this morning I ordered myself an Alpher. Words can't describe my excitement! It'll be a 5 string Mako Elite 5, with a crazy burl top and matching headstock. Ebony 'board with a birdseye maple neck. Body is single piece maple (it looks amazing), pickups will be three Aguilar Super Singles, and an OBP-3 pre amp. 33" scale (because I'm a short derrière), not much weight. Oh, and some of the offcut from the cap (the electric blue bit) will be going into a 12th fret inlay. Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled by Dave Butterworth, on Flickr