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  1. A friend of mine's done something similar, but they're called Juan Direction... you can imagine!
  2. goblin

    What music do you play?

    I love it to be honest, people ask me if I ever get bored. But it's a stonkingly good show (even though I'm probably a tad biased) - www.facebook.com/faithgmlegacy But every now and again I play with numerous function bands, I get to play with some other tributes too, festival season is always fun. Then on top of that I've got my studio session work. I've done acoustic duo before, can't remember my last duo gig which is a shame because I really enjoy them! Just boils down to time really.
  3. goblin

    What music do you play?

    Easy one for me - George Michael / Wham (I tour with a GM tribute theatre show) That said, that's the main gig, but since I still play with loads of others, "Bit of everything" is the easiest answer!
  4. goblin

    Best gear at gigs?

    I don't think there's such thing as too good to be used. It's made for a purpose ultimately. Now, there's different gear that I would take to different gigs. But, I've got a brand new (well it was in October when I got it) Aguilar rig, and I've got an Alpher in the process of being built at the moment. That'll be my touring setup, both are pieces of incredible gear so they'll be used to their true purpose. However, I probably wouldn't take them down to a local pub gig. I'd take my Jazz Elite or the P for gigs like that.
  5. goblin

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    Not necessarily, I set the amp appropriately, and then the sound engineer seems to have minimal fuss with it. Also another way to look at it (this is playing big gigs not pubs by the way - note that's nothing against pub players, just putting into context), is that I have the gig I have because of how I play and how I sound, my bass and amp both contribute to that sound. Why send a pre signal to allow someone to much it up? I don't have £3k worth of rig to give me a bit of rumble on stage...
  6. goblin

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    I understand that people don't like post EQ, but the way I look at it (I also engineer too), is that as far as I'm concerned, I use the gear I use to help create / add to my sound. My job as a sound engineer is to make it louder but also make it fit the mix too, so I prefer post EQ as that's been set how the bassist likes it. The engineer on the tour I'm on understands that, and is more than happy for me to send a post EQ send, and he loves the sound he's getting and barely has to touch it. That, in my eyes is how it should be done. I've had an engineer absolutely ruined my bass tone, I had various people say "you've normally got a gorgeous tone, but it was just muddy, what's happened?" And I saw what EQ had been done and all questions were immediately answered. Not cool.
  7. goblin

    Bass in the PA - tips?

    You'll often find with PA that your bass sound is very different to your amp sound, it's because different speakers and desks have different sounds. I run my cab with the tweeter about half, in ears out sounds incredible, but recently I've been listening closely and the monitor sound is a lot less nice than the amp sound. In the same way, the front of house sound is different. On the basis that, cab is a 4x10, I've got Ultimate Ears UE11 in ears with 4 drivers I think they are, maybe more... And our touring PA rig is 4x18 / 4x12, so naturally everything sounds different. If you can, from your amp, send a post EQ send from your amp to the PA. I always do, as it gives me a lot more control of how MY sound is, I've sent pre before and had sound engineers absolutely muller my sound... that said, I'd had that with post as well - it all depends on the engineer, though in this instance you won't be affected by the looks of things. With that in mind, spend some time listening to your amp, then putting it in the PA, and just keep tweaking until your ears tell you it's right... and then save it on the desk.
  8. goblin

    Feedback for blunderthumbs

    Sold a case to Ian, speedy payment, nae' fuss. Top marks!
  9. goblin

    Hottest and coldest gigs

    Playing at the Etihad Statium back in December - definitely the coldest I've been on stage. The hottest? There're several, recently was probably on Saturday at a theatre in Royal Leamington Spa, it was bloody hot that day. Even just getting gear from the car to the loading dock was hard enough. Just after sound check, we piled into the pub for some cold soft drinks, before the gig, me and the drummer sat in our dressing room in our underwear... After the gig, I had to peel my jeans off. Was bloody boiling.
  10. Yes, as long as it's got 5 strings as my gig requires it, and I'd need to drop some sort of pre amp in it, again because the gig requires versatility. I was always taught to make sure I can make any instrument sound plausible at the very least, as bad technique etc will show up even more on a top end bass than a bottom of the range bass. Okay, I was a tad spoiled as my first gig bass was a Wal (my old man is also a bassist), so I learnt very quickly about technique and such. The main bass (well until today), was a Warwick Infinity NT5, with a Jazz Elite V as backup. I'm waiting for my custom build to be completed to the Jazz will become my main, and the backup is going to be a Squier. I have no issues or concerns with that at all. I'll make sure it's well setup, I'm borrowing it so won't be able to drop a pre in it, but it'll at least get me through to the end of the gig if anything was to happen to my main bass.
  11. I'll be one of them, and I can't say I'm struggling financially either. I don't take it for granted, but my gigs more than cover every bill from car finance to rent etc, with good overheads. Work for me is basically gigs, which my main gig commitment is touring with a big theatre show, but I still dep for various other bands be it for functions, festivals, pubs and such. I also do paid studio sessions too every now and again, so that goes towards.
  12. Full time pro here - can safely say I'm in that elite club of people who look forwards to a Monday!