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Kala u-bass


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Here's a very nice Kala u-bass in great condition. 


The model is FS and I think it's from about 2010-2012.  It matches what it is says in this review: "Note that the pickup system is completely passive: There’s no preamp, no volume control, no EQ knobs, not even a passive tone—just plug a cord into the endpin jack, fire up the amp, and you’re off."


I've had it a couple of years. I bought it with the intention of replacing my battered old countryman uke.  it's great but I've barely played it. I have a sentimental attachment to the battered old one so I may as well move this on.


Comes with spare strings and a strap.


Price includes postage to UK mainland.  I won't send it outside the UK.  Not interested in trades.  If you want to collect I'm in south London (Brixton-ish) or can meet Brixton or central London.



Kala 1.jpg

Kala label.jpg

Kala strings.jpg

Kala back.jpg

Kala end.jpg

Kala side.jpg

Kala case 1.jpg

Kala case 2.jpg

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Collect London
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Thanks.  I haven't played this one enough to say whether strings get sticky or not.


Whatever strings I've got on my old one get sticky.  I solve it by rubbing talc on strings and fingers, which also sits well with me as I'm too cheap to bother with a new set.  But then when beer is consumed there is talc all over the shop ....  that might be a reason my old uke is a bit battered. 

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