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Sadowsky M5-24 Modern – Japanese Metroline


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For sale (or trade) is my Sadowsky M5-24 Modern 5 string and lightweight “hard” case. This is one of the Japanese Metroline made basses and not Warwick or NYC. Lovely bass and I have enjoyed our time together but I’m looking for a change in the basses I have……


I would give it a 9.5 / 10 for condition with only a couple of small marks that I can see and have added pics. Current Warwick Metroline M5-24 are costing around £2,400.


Make & Model: Sadowsky M5-24 Modern (Japanese Metroline)

Made: Approx. 2009

Serial Number: M3170

Body & Top: Swamp ash body with a 59’ sunburst gloss polyurethane lacquer on body

Neck: Bolt on, maple, gloss polyester lacquer on neck, graphite rods

Scale Length: 34 inch

Fingerboard: Maple. 24 frets – 2 octave. Side and front dot markers

String Spacing: 19mm

Hardware: Machine heads and bridge in chrome. Strap locks fitted

Truss Rod: Dual action – fully functional

Pick Ups: 2 Sadowsky soap-bar pickups

Controls: Sadowsky with VTC – 9 volt active pre-amp. Volume, blend, treble, bass, VTC (variable tone control) with push / pull for active / passive

Strings: Fitted with D'Addario, Pro Steels XL, EPS300-5           

Case: Lightweight foam “hard” case

Weight: 8.8lbs / 4kg

Website Links: https://www.sadowsky.com/sadowsky-instruments/metroline-basses/24-fret-basses/

Shipping Weight: Approx. 10kg / 22lb. Shipping will be at cost. Msg me with your postcode and I will get a price.


Trade wise I'm pretty much sorted for basses at the moment and would prefer a straight sale but I could be interested in a Fodera Emperor, JCR, Sei etc., 5 string with active electronics, 24 frets, 18 / 19 mm spacing. Try me, you never know!


I’ve got good feedback on here, see the link in my signature. Any questions, ask away. 🙂



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Since moving to Scotland, I have been bemoaning the amount of GAS inducing basses that have appeared close to my old home in the south. Now this is more like it! I played one just like this in The Gallery, pre C19 and it was marvellous in every way.

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Here's 2 videos I sent to an interested Basschatter. The first is a demo of all sound combinations for the M5-24 (even the extreme boosted eq) along with slap and finger styles and its pretty accurate to my ears of what the bass can do.


This Bass Club Chicago demo is also very good, with a bit more "coherant" playing 😉




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7 hours ago, Acebassmusic said:


I thought you would have added this one as its rather good 😁👍




Hehhh, thanks, didn't wanna intrude your thread.....  :D


I hope these are more than enough to popularize your bass (our bass... )  I checked numerous YT vids about this instrument, and the final push was Keng-Bassist...  mainly that sound overhelmed me...

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6 hours ago, tom said:

Are these pickup Nordstrand made  for Sadowsky ?

Hi @tom

That's a very good question and the answer is......(drum roll)......I'm not exactly sure 🤔 I've done some digging around and found the following which may / may not be of any help:

  • The pickups in my bass only have Sadowsky marked on the cases (unless another knowledgable Basschatter can point to any identification / manufacturing marks?)
  • Doing an internet search brings up some history but nothing conclusive - In this 2001 link from Talkbass from Roger says they've only used DiMarzio, Basslines and EMG up to that point.
  • image.png.af9d239185053e48787a0754d47cf759.png
  • This thread from 2014 says that Nordstrand were offered for a while as an option (quote #6) which infers to me that it would be more likely to be in a NYC custom and not my Metroline (could be wrong though)
  • image.png.3154b5c9af5eabc18ee0fec9d907da00.png
  • This thread from 2009 narrows it down a little to show that Sadowsky/Nordstrand setups started around the time of my bass being built so it could be a possibility but I cant be sure. 🤔
  • image.png.7856b36c0a06a8fe03426e8dfc88eba2.png


So in conclusion I think my answer is pretty inconclusive...sorry! I do know that whoever made them they were good enough to get the Sadowsky approval and do sound very nice 🙂  

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