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  1. tom5string

    British built custom bass

    The two SEI Jazz-types that I had the pleasure to check were really impressive instruments - just slighly above your budget (start from 2.1k)
  2. Ha, found it! How can we compare chromed and black bridges???? ;-) Nice test, astonishing result. I could swear ... but was proven wrong.
  3. So, my feeling pushed me to the decision of the majority. I'm curious if we were right :-) I think, this question is more important when using fretless basses. There is a nice comparison available on YT with Adrian Maruszczyk demoing "identical" instruments with just different fingerboard woods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPAHQXms6_A One can still argue if blueburst vs redburst makes a difference, too ;-) Cheers, Tom
  4. tom5string

    Show us yer fretlesses!

    ... ehm ... it said ... "show" .... Here we are:
  5. tom5string

    Glocken- klanger?

    Hi , here in Germany, where Glockenklang is based, the company has a high reputation for "hi-fidelity" Equipment. They produce (since years) well acclaimed amplification in the upper price region. I doubt that anything with the brand name on it is not-optimal in a technical sense. But if it does not fit your idea of sound ... change it. Cheers, Tom
  6. tom5string

    Fretless bass - what would you recommend?

    Morning, please check out Maruszczyk basses: [url="https://www.public-peace.de/bass-guitars/fretless-basses"]https://www.public-p...fretless-basses[/url] I played an Elwood 5 in the chambered version (5L) for long years. Really nice sounding, leightweight (3.7 kg), no frills, just a passive bass made of decent tonewoods. Some listed on the web-site sell new within your price range. Cheers, Tom
  7. tom5string

    Whats the longest you've had a bass for?

    A Fender Precision Elite which I bought new in 1984 - still playing it. So: 33 years
  8. tom5string

    Show us yer fretlesses!

    A Stingray with a Status neck.
  9. tom5string

    Recommendations for first buy.

    Keep the Sandberg, you seem to like it. That is the most important aspect , imho. Also, as Mark King once said: "Over the years, when parents have asked me about their kids wanting to play an instrument, I always say buy the best one you can afford. If it doesn't work out, and you flog it, you get your money back. A good instrument is also much easier to play and sounds good. If you start off with a clunker that's impossible to play, the kid will get disheartened, and you'll have wasted your money. For me, it's just good insurance. You either spend £50 and waste the £50, or spend £150 and you'll get £130 back." Ok, I guess you're not a kid, but still the argument holds - get the best instrument you can afford!
  10. tom5string


    ... every time I check this thread... it still has just four strings ....
  11. tom5string

    Groove Central Station - Promo clips

    Impressive, cool Lakland sound, tight ensemble playing. Thumbs up!
  12. tom5string

    Possibly odd Warwick at Bass Direct...

    No matter what that is: the price is WAY too high imo
  13. tom5string

    Help me spend a lot of money

    Mornin, seconded: check Andy Baxters inventory (http://andybaxterbass.com/guitars.php?pc=1&cat=1) And another thought: owning myself an old Wal MKII - I hesitate to take the instrument to gigs. Just too precious to me, there are strange people around sometimes and .... well things happen on stage and during transport and so forth. So you might find something different - non-original - where you do not fear hitting a cymbal onstage or - worst case - getting it stolen. Thinking of the Road worn Mexican, Limelight etc. Cheers, Tom
  14. tom5string

    Babylon burning

    talking about the Ruts song? Cheers, Tom
  15. tom5string

    Best 5 string bass you've ever owned and why?

    The one that cured any GAS for fretted 5ers is my Zon Sonus 5/2 ...looks smilar to this one: Lightweight, easy handling. The neck is a dream to play and that graphite-polymorphed-secret-potion material is sooo stable. It adds a certain low-punch to the sound that I have never heard before. Plenty of attack, plenty of soul, lotsa funk. The combination of wooden body and bolt-on graphite neck gives the best of both worlds, soundwise. Not as sterile as a Status - but similarily stable intonation and very precise sounding. Tom