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Bad bands - or - where are all the semi-decent musicians?

Rexel Matador

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On 12/11/2021 at 18:10, E sharp said:

I did a handful of function band gigs with a keyboard player like that . 


I think I know that guy.


But the one I know can only play in E.


People think he's a great boogie woogie player but I know his guilty secret.

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If the case is they're really nice blokes I'd suggest we pack our gear away, find a decent pub with a pool table, neck a few jars and have a laff. I'm not being entirely facetious here. I dunno how old you are and what you want out of a band. My view is past the age of 30 praps amateurs shouldn't be too serious about playing in bands but should treat it like a hobby. Finding a bunch of good blokes is a good start. The flipside is that you find a band with some top notch players but they're a bunch of jackasses. Let's face it, the music industry is peppered with many gifted players who at the very least have/had reputations as being difficult to get on with if not being 100% bona fide jerks. Some highly esteemed rock guitarists in hugely successful bands come to mind.

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