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ACG Micro Krell headless 4

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Progress of my "covid safe restricted space rehearsal room" bass..ha


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That is going to be one sexy little bass!
As an owner of an ACG Micro bass myself, I know you're in for a treat.

Can't wait to see more!


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Ooof! That is very pleasing to the eye. Any chance of some specifications?

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Another ACG masterpiece...can anybody remember one that wasn't?

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That is incredible!
I'll have to go get my micro ACG out again today now.


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4 hours ago, ezbass said:

Ooof! That is very pleasing to the eye. Any chance of some specifications?


Micro Krell Headless



Body core



ART Maple/Purple with black veneer

Neck woods

5 piece Maple/Bubinga

F/B wood

AI Maple board 2



Side dots

Luminlay 3mm black/green

Head plate/V


Back plate/V

Top wood


ETS 17mm black ACG Headpiece


East Uni-Pre 3K

B Series any combination.

RFB 100 x 50

9 volt



12th fret no more than 50mm.

Loxx black

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    • By Marc S
      The 5 string version of this bass doesn't come up very often (certainly here in the UK) - In fact, they seem to be unavailable in Europe currently too. Not sure if they've been discontinued?
      Not sure if the correct term is X-short scale, but I think it's 26.5" scale. I bought this as a travel bass, and took a punt, hoping the B string wouldn't sound "flabby"

      I was very pleasantly surprised at just how deep and resonant the B string is, and just how much sustain it has for such a short scale - I really didn't expect it to sound so good
      From memory, I paid around £230 or £240 for this bass new, that was pre import charges and sans case / bag. I'm throwing in a really nicely padded gigbag (which I think I paid around £40 for)
      In great condition - can't see any dings or scratches and there is no fret wear. In all honesty, it could probably do with a teak in the set-up, but it plays nicely so I leave that to the buyers taste.....

      Pictured here alongside a Hofner Violin bass for size comparison.
      I would seriously keep this, as it sounds so thunderous for such a tiny bass - but the string spacing is a tad too tight at the bridge end for my tastes (or possibly clumsy fingers! lol).....

      No trades - I'm thinning the herd (unless you've got a Wingbass, Fingy or similar)
      Collection / meet-up preferred.... and I've got a decent battery amp when travel is permitted.
      I have the box this cam in originally - but of course that won't fit the nice, thickly padded gigbag

    • By atomiceva
      Purchased the bass a few years ago with the intention of levelling up my playing from beginner and splashed out on an awesome bass. Since then it's been used very few times at home, you can see from the fretboard there's virtually no sign of wear. It's been very well looked after and kept in a hard case. There's only one small surface mark which I've adding in the images -I'm assuming the mark could be polished off. The strings have been replaced approximately 4 months, removing the originals. Essentially it feels and plays like a new bass. 
      £1000 ONO

    • By Gardenerben
      For sale or trade a rather lovely ACG Border Reiver. Purchased from the gent that is EAD on here, original ad below.
      The clarity the ACG FB bridge and ACG FB neck pickups offer is fantastic, really open sound. Ergonomics are great, very comfortable to play both standing or seated. Neck has an asymmetric carve so very easy to navigate. You are hard pushed to find a better made bass in this price bracket than an ACG IMHO so price is firm. Overall condition of the bass is excellent, it has mellowed to a more golden colour than the pics suggest.
      Only moving on as trying to limit myself to 34" scale on 4 strings as I find switching between them easier. 
      Swamp ash body 3 piece maple neck ART American Sycamore finger board  SEQ Pre 42mm at nut 3.6kg (on Kitchen scales) Fusion Gig bag  Willing to meet for collection following appropriate guidelines of the time within a reasonable distance. The Fusion gig bag is excellent but for insurance on postage I believe it has to be a hard case. I have one I could use but it's huge and heavy so shipping could be expensive. 

    • By Grantd
      I have to trim the herd again, so sadly this demon of a bass has to go.
      Sandberg California VS Lionel 30inch
      Fretless, ebony finger board with sideline fret markers
      Black hardware
      Sandberg gigbag

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