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low pass filter control mod....


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so guys,  I want to upgrade my bass that has an Aguilar OBP2 in it to include a low pass mid filter...similar to an Alembic or Wal filter.

I used to have an Alembic and miss their filter and Q boost and finding that I use the filter setting on the ottobit jnr on its own quite a bit.

trouble is, I'm not sure if this control/ circuit  is available and where to get one from...

anyone ever done a similar mod who can pass on some advice.


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I recently bought a state variable low-pass filter with variable Q from Helmuth Lemme. Details here - https://www.gitarrenelektronik.de/produkte/aktive-elektronik/state-variable-filter-detail.

High quality electronics and reasonably priced. Intended for onboard installation but I configured mine as an external pedal to have the flexibility to play around with different basses. Works great. Freq range is from 300Hz to 5kHz. Q factor is continuously variable (weak to strong) with a pot or you can use a 3-position mini-switch.


There's also an Alembic style filter called JTEX Distiller made by a chap in Canada available on ebay:




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4 hours ago, jazzyvee said:

I have two sets of ACG EQ02 filter modules in my beater bass and I would like to have them put into a pedal instead so that I can use it as switchable eq. 

I'm sure Alan had an EQ02 in pedal format. Sure I remember seeing it at one of the last UK Bass Shows in Manchester.

Might be worth having a word.

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On 16/01/2021 at 21:41, Jabba_the_gut said:

This might be worth a look for filter type preamp.




I put one in a bass - I really like it, but I'm not sure it'd get you where you want to go when you're talking mids as it's a pure lowpass with a switch to increase the resonant peak.  Don't get me wrong - it's kind of perfect for me, but if I'm reading you right might not provide enough adjustment for you?

Alan was saying here that he has some of his EQ-01 :


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The NFP, or Double NFP are second order low pass filters with a resonant peak at the cutoff frequency. The potentiometer allows you to travel between , approximately, 150hz and 4khz. The potentiometer is push-push for boosting the cutoff frequency. It's not a mids pot, but you can make it act like one by adjusting the pot. You'll take more advantage of the preamp with a double version that allows you for more variety.

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That JTex is pretty wonderful. I have two and had them installed in my Ibanez Musician, one per pickup. Great sound, and the three position Q boost switch is really nice. These are very similar to the setup in the Alembic Series I. I took them out as I returned the Musician to stock in preparation for sale, and I put one of the distillers into a single pickup fretless bass I have. 


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