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I didn't know these existed! looks like a nice through neck bass that will be very well made if it's come out of the Overwater factory.

I don't need this but the want is strong (even though i don't generally like Active basses and i'm playing short scale a lot of the time now)

I have asked about the string spacing and the weight, i'm just hoping they come back and say it's a boat anchor with super narrow spacing so i can pass by. 

Link to eBay


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What's going on in the rectangular chamber on the reverse r/h side? Looks like a sink drainer....!

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3 hours ago, yorks5stringer said:

What's going on in the rectangular chamber on the reverse r/h side? Looks like a sink drainer....!

Reflection of a lampshade.  But yeah, looks almost like a baby speaker.

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6 minutes ago, Skybone said:

Always thought that the Aria SB bridge was a great design.

i have had a search on google and have not managed to find another 5 string bridge of this design, i was wondering if it was made especially for this bass,


I found a mention of aria in this interview but no other images other than the ones from this ebay auction, i'm guessing this was a one-off maybe as a prototype?


i've not had any reply from the seller so at the moment i'm not prepared to make a bid on it (no one else has bid yet either)



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