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“I don’t play bass but I have this super rare Fender.

“It doesn’t actually work at the moment and I don’t know why, and the truss rod is nearly maxed out, but I’m sure it’s fine.

“I’ve seen that vintage shops are selling these for £1200 so that sounds fair despite them spending hundreds on setting up the bass, fitting new strings and, oh yeah, ensuring it all works...”

Grab a bargain!


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I get it, but in the seller's defence........

  • There is a Best Offer button
  • S/he might be genuinely selling something that they believe is valuable; a parent's old instrument that has developed the reputation of future heirloom over the years perhaps?
  • It's collection so you get a chance to meet the seller and check out the bass
  • It's nothing like as bad as some examples

As you were :)

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3 minutes ago, yorks5stringer said:

Caveat Emptor

Bit difficult when you only have some dodgy photos and a suspect description. I must admit I have bought some junk from ebay in the past. The Lexicon effect processor "in perfect working order" where the selection knob didn't work and it had a loud hum was the best. Best stick to BC and be safe :)

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