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** SOLD ** ACG Recurve 4 Short Scale 31.5"

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Here is a beautiful example of Alan's work. I bought this on BC 3 years ago and have gigged it a few times.

The only variation from spec is a pan pot in place of the 4-way rotary ( original included - solderless change ). Beautiful kingwood top.

Short scale 31.5". In excellent condition. I am only playing fretless now so this needs to go to a good home.Comes with it's original semi-rigid Fusion case. Collection is preferred but can be shipped at buyer's expense and arrangement.

Full details here https://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0204recurve4-2/

Not looking for trades. Can be seen / played in my detached music room with full social distancing. 

Thanks for looking and drop me a PM if you would like more details



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This is a gorgeous bass. I had a little fondle if it when @eude first had it and it plays like butter. Great price too.

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3 hours ago, rockdog said:

Yes to both.

Uhm..I must say I'm tempted. :) 

If any of the gear I have for sale here at the moment sells before this is gone I will get back to you. ;) 

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How are these short scale basses with slapping?

Can you still get a good thumb sound despite the shorter scale?

I'm tempted!



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