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Back to sale - Sandberg Marlowe dk in Blue - Mint condition

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PS: Due to the buyers' regret on ebay it is back to sale 😐

Hey guys, this is a mint condition Sandberg Marlowe dk model in the coolest color that they made it - very very rare in this color.

This bass is amazing, one of the best constructions out there, light and comfortable with the heavy relic from the factory, done by hand by sandberg’s fine luthiers. So easy to play and sound and looks amazing!

Due to the corona / financial conditions I am forced to sell almost everything I own, so if you are looking for Sandberg high end bass and are able to help, please do it, I will be grateful. (I can listen some offer for a partial trade but would prefer to sell it)

Ships from Portugal - we can discuss shipping costs.

Thanx for watching! 














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Buyers regret
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On Cuzzies recommendation alone I would buy this, but as I’m already a massive Sandberg fanI would buy this in a heartbeat if I had the spare cash. Good luck with the sale although I’m sure you won’t need it and I really hope your situation changes so you don’t have to sell it! All the best.

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On 15/05/2020 at 09:50, Castellanelli said:

CameronJ, indeed, I guess they made very few in blue, and in my opinion it looks better than the red one 

That’s fighting talk!

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