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Mister RLP

Odd E string on my D'Addario ETB92 Tapewound 50-105 Bass Guitar Strings

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Sorry - realised that this is in the wrong section and should be in Accessories and Misc.

After trying a range of bass strings I have settled on D'Addario ETB92 tapewounds as my preferred choice on both my Jazz and Precision basses. I love 'em. They can can be mellow, but they also have some bite. They are easy on the fingers and on the frets (and fretboard if fretless). And they last a long, long time. So far, so good. 

This weekend I put some new tapewounds on my Precision. The A, D and G strings were as I expected - smooth and just like the ones on my Jazz. However, the E string was different - it was rougher (I can feel the grooves) with some of the metal shining through. This is unlike the E string on my Jazz. What can I do? Will D'Addario's UK customer service be able to help? 



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Update: An E string arrived today! D'Addario customer service sent a new one - from New York! I thought it would come from UK customer services. Very impressed. The string matches the other ones in looks and touch. Very happy. 


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1 minute ago, Mister RLP said:

Update: An E string arrived today! D'Addario customer service sent a new one - from New York! I thought it would come from UK customer services. Very impressed. The string matches the other ones in looks and touch. Very happy. 


That’s great service, glad you got it sorted 👍

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      For sale is my Squier Classic Vibe 50s style tele bass in Butterscotch/blonde finish, fitted with D'addario Nylon Tapewound strings. This model in this finish is now discontinued.
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