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Castle Ox

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The nearest thing I got to play bass was back in the late 90s when my old Who mate the Ox (John Entwistle) and his then girlfriend Lisa Pritchett-Johnson (who used to go out with Joe Walsh) rented out Kilsheelin House in Clonmel, County Tipperary in Ireland. With characteristic aplomb John immediately christened the place 'Castle Ox'. He had retreated there with our sound engineer Bob Pridden to start writing his book on Keith Moon....a book which Pete had said that if John had lived to a hundred he would still never quite finish. I had amassed a huge amount of facts and anecdotal evidence on Moon and the Who for my co-authored book The Who Concert File. John had been a great help to me taking landline calls from dodgy street corner phone boxes in Cork to his splendid residence at Quarwood. So, we're in Clonmel....'Castle Ox'...we're going out on the fosters...and characteristically John has found it necessary to include among his vast overspill of luggage for a month's stay...three or four bass guitars!  One of which is delicately leaning against the wall of the great hall in 'Castle Ox'. It's like a woman undressed or a grand piano with the lid open...I can't resist it. The bass is strapless. I pick it up and clumsily try to find the riff for my song Happy Jack. John stared at me and said in a threatening tone..'Jack, drop that bass and you'll be paying for it for the rest of your working life..'  I leaned the 1963 Fender Precision back against the wall with applied delicacy and looked back at it lovingly as we exited the grand hall and headed for a country pub. Lisa was driving. John didn't know how to.  

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:crigon_04:     Jack !   


I'm surprised he had a '63 P left intact after their shenanigans during that decade!:lol:

I loved seeing The Who live in the seventies...awesome gigs.

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