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'Running in' new speakers

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I just put a brand new 15" Fane in my old Hartke cab and everything at first play indoors is sounding nice, round and clear. I've seen various advice on first use from 'it doesn't matter, just play' to ''only give it 75% to 85% of normal level for the first few hours'.

Anyone have any tried and tested advice? I don't want to ruin a brand new unit and wreck the suspension and coil etc.

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Remember, this is the internet. It's full of people who will give you definitive answers based on nothing ...

You want to know the best way to break in a Fane, simple, ask Fane for their recommendation.

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Well, I've emailed Fane twice and so far had nothing back. However, the always helpful wonderful guys at Blue Aran in Southampton (where I purchased said speaker) came back with this - 

The driver wont reach its 'optimum' characteristics untils its been run in a little, fresh from factory, the moving parts are a little stiff, and they loosen up with use which gives a little more warmth at the bass end.

"This will happen naturally with use, so you dont really need to 'run it in' before using it.

However, we recommend on the first use, best not to run the unit at full power, try to keep it at a max of 75-80% so that you arent straining the driver too much. Very, very occasionally, pushing a brand new driver too hard can cause unexpected problems if the suspension is particularly stiff."

I hope this will be of benefit to anyone who has new speakers and wondered.

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