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Helix rack and floor control

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EDIT - This thread originally included a lot of accessories which have now sold, Helix and floor control unit is £950


Hello all,


As part of my constant gear merry go round I am selling my Line 6 Helix. I'm looking to downsize and consolidate some gear, mainly because I'm gigging less now and when I do we have full PA support.


So to that end: Line 6 Helix Rack + Floor Control

Mint condition top-flight modelling unit. Not only has this Helix spent its entire life in a rack but it's had strain relief connectors on every cable (see photos) and it's always been used with a wireless unit and a control pedal, it's barely even been touched! I'm a bass player but obviously this is just as good with guitar. This is the king of the Helix family and has every feature under the sun. Why am I selling it if I rate it so highly? Well because I'm barely tickling the surface of what it can do and so I'm moving it on. Unit is boxed with manuals and I've never used the $99 native deal although I have registered the Helix for the warranty. I even still have the Helix USB key.


I'm near Newcastle if anyone wants to come and try it out. I can post it quite happily, message me and we'll work out a courier price. I'm also happy to deliver pretty much anywhere in the North East for petrol money. Lastly, my brother lives in Northallerton so delivering them around that area isn't a problem. 


Cash is, as always, preferred but I could be persuaded to trade, let me know what you've got. I'm especially interested in:

  • Sire Jazz V2
  • Fender Rumble Stage 2x10" Cabinet
  • Maple/Sunburst P bass
  • Warwick
  • Schecter
  • Spector
  • Shure GLXD16
  • try me, I'll take pretty much any bass that will be easy to sell on






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I’m already a very happy Stomp user and yet I’m tempted by this xD

Really good price for the daddy of Helices and floor controller + extras. GLWTS sir!

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Happy to do a swap? I'm going the other way.

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Alas, Stomp is perfect for my needs really, so I’m not looking to get rid of it any time soon. Such a great feature-to-size ratio. You’ll love it when you get one! 

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Bump, some pictures from a scooter rally over the weekend. Come on, somebody on here needs this before it goes to the great unwashed on ebay. 😁




helix 1.jpg

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Got a little distracted by the rest of the PA rig, which looks awesome and very neat ...are those all RCF 12s including the sub? Apologies for the de-rail!

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1 hour ago, fretmeister said:

I'm amazed this is still here.

I'd never sell mine.


Fantastic bit of kit, and so versatile.

Thanks man, it's brilliant I just fancy a change. You can tell my commitment to selling as it's been here since August and I've only bumped it once!

47 minutes ago, AlphaK said:

Got a little distracted by the rest of the PA rig, which looks awesome and very neat ...are those all RCF 12s including the sub? Apologies for the de-rail!

Derail? This is basschat! Talking is about gear is what we do! Yes, it's a pair of 712. We now have matching 12" subs, but that photo is a little older and shows the Samson sub we used to use. Basically the drummer had the tops and the guitarist had a Samson system so for a while we used the nicer tops with the only sub we had, we've since bought band subs.

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