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any experience with Ibanez Promethean heads?

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Hi, guys!
I'm just trying to figure out if a Promethean head might be the right amp for me.
I currently own a GK MB200 head, playing to a GK MBE 210 cab (1. gen. with neo elements). This amp sound a little harsh and boomy to me playing my JV Jazz Bass. (Have to cut back the bass and treble a lot)
An Ibanez Promethean head (P500H) has surfaced on a sales-page here in Norway for about the equivalent of £130. I have read many good things about this amp, but nearly nothing newer than 2015 or something. ( I know it's discontinued). I also read about the slow start issues, and will ask about that if I contact the seller.
So. Is it fair to believe that the Promethean might give me a different sound going through the same GK cab?
Can the eq and "vibe"(?) knob make it a little "warmer" sounding, with less of a mid scoop?
Does anyone have these anymore? experience With both would be awesome.

PS. Other amps i have been looking at in the 500-800w range, cost from £300 up used...

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about the Promethean head, but I recently bought the little P20 practice amp & it's brilliant. Very well-but with a good range of sounds from such a little monster.

If the head is anything like, I imagine it's very good.

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I used to have a GK MB210 (the 500W combo version with the 2x10).  I also still have a Harley Benton BA500H which is pretty much the same thing as the Promethean.  It is my back-up amp and it sounds really nice with a P bass with flats through an old 1x15 cab and my particular playing style.  I would say yes, it's easier to dial in a warmer tone compared to the GK.  But there are so many variables involved.  To take a different approach - how about a Zoom MS-60B, B3, or B1 pedal?  You can plug this into your GK.  It has many amp emulations built in, and flicking through them and tweaking is a lot quicker and cheaper than buying & selling heads when you are searching for your best sound or experimenting with all the options.

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Thank you for your replies.

I am looking for a second amp head anyway, so I thought I might try the Promethean. Get a little more power as well as have the ability to rehearse together with my 15 year old, who is just starting to learn. I play only as a hobby, so budget is tight. No paying gigs at the moment...

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I used to have the original Promethean combo, which featured the head you're talking about.

It's an awesome piece, very loud with a nice warm tone. The graphic EQ is very useful and all in, if I'm honest, I wish I'd never sold mine.

I have no idea why on earth they stopped making them, but it was a bad move. The newer ones are a bit pants...

If I was you I'd go for it 😎


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I remember the warm and round tones and power coming from a 15" combo I used on a gig once. I was impressed by the sound of this little Ibanez. I think it's a good amp for the price. Good luck.

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    • By Marky Screen
      Final Price DROP, now £260 collected. Open to working out shipping as well if required.
      Another one on the chopping block that I'd like to keep but can't/shouldn't 😛
      Japanese Ibanez Roadstar ii RB750 BK with custom made pickguard and backplate.
      Its in great condition for a 35 year old. Bit of minor buckle rush and dings in the usual spots (top of headstock etc) but very minimal fretwear, truss rod works well and pups and bridge adjustment screws all work well with no rust. Neck front and back is in great shape too.
      The pickups on this are really decent, separate adjustable pole pieces and have nice slightly aggressive growl and med to high passive output (very slightly less output than my Yammy BB424x but more than a Geddy CIJ Jazz I tried it against if anyones interested)
      I've given it a decent setup for low/med action and decent intonation and its wearing a newish D'addario med nickel rounds with loads of life in em still.
      From Guitar Data Project:
      Your guitar was made at the 
      on July, 1984
      Production Number: 5038 
      Did a bit of research on this when I got it an its a bit of an oddity it would seem. So its a 21 fret neck and all the other images and old catalogue pages I can find are 24 fret, including this one thats selling at the Bass Gallery at the moment:
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      Collection, Coffee and Try outs in Forest Hill. S.E. London or I'm gigging regularly around the UK a fair bit so a meet up is possible.

    • By quenbrad
      Hi all,
      Up for sale or trade is an Ibanez SR506E 6-String bass.
      Asking price £450.
      I recently bought this used from Bass Direct as I fancied trying a sixer. I really like it but I keep going back to my 4 string so this has to go.
      I'm sure you know the spec but...
      Neck type: 5pc Jatoba/Bubinga neck Body: Mahogany body Fretboard: Rosewood fretboard Frets: Medium frets Number of frets: 24 Bridge: Accu-cast bridge (16.5mm string spacing) Neck pickup: Bartolini® MK-1 neck pickup (Passive) Bridge pickup: Bartolini® MK-1 bridge pickup (Passive) Equaliser: 3-band eq with 2 way mid frequency switch It was made in 2014 and is in really superb condition. The neck is perfect and the frets are great. The body is basically unmarked apart from a bit of damage to the bottom edge as I've tried to show in the pictures. No effect on tone or feel of course. The electronics work perfectly. As mentioned I recently bought it from Bass Direct so it has just had a full clean and setup. I've installed a brand new set of D'Addario EXL170-6 Nickel Wound 32-130 strings so it's good to go.
      It's great to play. Obviously it isn't a high end boutique bass but for what it is it's really impressive. Very well put together and feels great under the hands.
      Happy to include the gig bag in the pictures (Warwick Leather Rockbag) in the deal and no problem to ship at the buyers expense.
      I am open to trades... definitely 4 string, ideally passive but active also considered.
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      Best wishes

    • By TheDaivisch
      Stunning Ibanez ATK810E with custom thin (non factory) semi gloss/satin antique tint finish, which gives the grain far more depth and looks better IMHO than the factory matte finish. In excellent condition!
      This thing feels perfect in the hand and is an absolute tone monster with Stingray, active Super Jazz, P-esque, Jaco-esque honk....loads of great possibilities...
      Only selling as I've got the guitar project bug and I'm working on something new.
      Will throw in the excellent Gear4Music rigid back wearable case (with shoulder straps) for £10.
      neck type ATK4 3pc Maple neck body Ash body fretboard Maple fretboard w/Black dot inlay fret Medium frets w/Premium fret edge treatment number of frets 22 bridge ATK4 bridge (19mm string spacing) neck pickup CAP Sonic Arch4 neck pickup (Passive) bridge pickup CAP Double Humbucker bridge pickup (Passive) equalizer Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ factory tuning 1G, 2D, 3A, 4E string gauge .045/.065/.085/.105 nut Graph Tech® BLACK TUSQ XL® nut hardware color Chrome Scale : 864mm/34" a : Width 42mm at NUT b : Width 63mm at 22F c : Thickness 21mm at 1F d : Thickness 24mm at 12F Radius : 305mmR  

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      Didn't think this one would be going, honestly but here we are:
      A fairly rare Ibanez DWB3 is now up for grabs. I've only seen one 4 and one 5 string version of this pass through this forum which is a mystery as this is a lovely bass. If you like an Ibanez neck then you know what this has to offer, not too thin front to back but has a pleasantly slim nut that encourages you to fly all over the place, should you want to.
      I had the excellent ACG EQ001 fitted by The Gallery in Camden as they certainly know their apples and there really isn't a sound this bass can't pull off!
      Why am I selling then, I hear you cry? I've got too many nice basses and I've got to cull the herd a little bit. I may also come to my senses and pull this in favour of putting something else up!
      Price is collected in Jersey if you fancy a daytrip to enjoy some sun and sea at the same time, postage can be arranged and the included hard case will keep her nice and safe.

    • By mikebass456
      Hi chaps! 
      Just bought myself an ibanez artcore agb200 bass and am now looking for a suitable case. 
      It appears that it's JUST short enough to fit into a 335 style guitar case, or failing that probably the Jack Casady epiphone case. 
      Does anyone have any advice on what case will actually fit this bass please, as I'm nowhere near a music shop to go and 'try before you buy' 😕😕
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