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any experience with Ibanez Promethean heads?

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Hi, guys!
I'm just trying to figure out if a Promethean head might be the right amp for me.
I currently own a GK MB200 head, playing to a GK MBE 210 cab (1. gen. with neo elements). This amp sound a little harsh and boomy to me playing my JV Jazz Bass. (Have to cut back the bass and treble a lot)
An Ibanez Promethean head (P500H) has surfaced on a sales-page here in Norway for about the equivalent of £130. I have read many good things about this amp, but nearly nothing newer than 2015 or something. ( I know it's discontinued). I also read about the slow start issues, and will ask about that if I contact the seller.
So. Is it fair to believe that the Promethean might give me a different sound going through the same GK cab?
Can the eq and "vibe"(?) knob make it a little "warmer" sounding, with less of a mid scoop?
Does anyone have these anymore? experience With both would be awesome.

PS. Other amps i have been looking at in the 500-800w range, cost from £300 up used...

Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about the Promethean head, but I recently bought the little P20 practice amp & it's brilliant. Very well-but with a good range of sounds from such a little monster.

If the head is anything like, I imagine it's very good.

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I used to have a GK MB210 (the 500W combo version with the 2x10).  I also still have a Harley Benton BA500H which is pretty much the same thing as the Promethean.  It is my back-up amp and it sounds really nice with a P bass with flats through an old 1x15 cab and my particular playing style.  I would say yes, it's easier to dial in a warmer tone compared to the GK.  But there are so many variables involved.  To take a different approach - how about a Zoom MS-60B, B3, or B1 pedal?  You can plug this into your GK.  It has many amp emulations built in, and flicking through them and tweaking is a lot quicker and cheaper than buying & selling heads when you are searching for your best sound or experimenting with all the options.

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Thank you for your replies.

I am looking for a second amp head anyway, so I thought I might try the Promethean. Get a little more power as well as have the ability to rehearse together with my 15 year old, who is just starting to learn. I play only as a hobby, so budget is tight. No paying gigs at the moment...

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I used to have the original Promethean combo, which featured the head you're talking about.

It's an awesome piece, very loud with a nice warm tone. The graphic EQ is very useful and all in, if I'm honest, I wish I'd never sold mine.

I have no idea why on earth they stopped making them, but it was a bad move. The newer ones are a bit pants...

If I was you I'd go for it 😎


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I remember the warm and round tones and power coming from a 15" combo I used on a gig once. I was impressed by the sound of this little Ibanez. I think it's a good amp for the price. Good luck.

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