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  1. I bought one form Thomann recently. It was a B-stock model. The plastic on the scratchplate was present and the bass looked very new. No idea why it was B-stock. It plays excellent and the sound is awesome. I don't touch my Warwick basses anymore because of the Kiloton. I like it so much. The only thing that bothered me a little was the sharp fret ends in closer to the body. I can feel them when I slide down the neck. I don't feel them when I am playing though. It is possible it left the factory alright, but due to climate differences the wood of the neck has shrunk just a tiny bit? Who knows. I am very happy with it and am now considering a LB100 Tribute in the future.
  2. I remember the warm and round tones and power coming from a 15" combo I used on a gig once. I was impressed by the sound of this little Ibanez. I think it's a good amp for the price. Good luck.
  3. I use Rockboard, EBS and Harley benton flat cables. I need all the space I can get. Too many pedals 😁. They all seem good quality.
  4. I am looking at this bass too the last couple of weeks. I like the shape and I want a humbucking bass. I allready have a RB Corvette and a Streamer fretless. There is not a lot of information about the RB Infinity on the internet (vidoe's/reviews). Maybe I will just buy it for Christmas :-)
  5. I have a Big Muff and I like it. I also have an EBS FuzzMo which I like very much. This pedal has a very useful blend like the EHX soul food. It is still available at musicstore.de for 59 euro's.
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