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Gibson EB3L 1972 in Walnut finish (Now £1,400 + FREE UK shipping and video added)

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Price drop from £1,500 to £1,400 plus FREE UK delivery elsewhere at buyers cost.

Hi fellow Basschatters. I have pondered about this for a while, and now i've finally decided to sell this rather beautiful Gibson EB3L 1972 bass (long scale) in Walnut finish.

I am only selling this bass due to the fact it's just not getting used and it seems such a waste. 

This bass is the rarer Walnut finish, with just 204 EB3L's shipped in Walnut in 1972. The bass is 100% original. It comes complete with it's original case too in great condition and fully working (no key). The handle was changed however as it was missing when I got it but its a great quality one). The bass also comes with the bridge cover.

The bass was set up to perfection by Xperience Guitars here in Nottingham and its set low and plays like butter. 

I would say that although this bass was made 46 years ago, that it is in excellent condition for it's age. There is one small ding on the top (pic 10), a few marks and clouding as expected of a bass of this age, and a few scratches on the plastic cover on the back, some small wear on the belly cut, but no real major wear. It's a nice slim neck too. The case is also in excellent condition. The bass functions beautifully. It has a 4 way rotor switch, 2 volume and 2 tone controls, 2 Gibson stamped pick ups, and not muddy and boomy like the earlier ones.

1972 was the year when Gibson did away with the Mahogany neck, in favour of a 3 piece maple one with a volute making it much stronger and less prone to breaks. The neck pick up was moved further back from the neck which helps it tonally I think. Although all 4 positions are useful I tend to leave it in position 2 as I just think it sounds the biz. 

I think this bass is worth every penny of my asking price. I've seen these for way over £2000 and this one does not require any work and it is in lovely condition for it's age. It's currently set up with 105 - 45 Rotosound strings and it holds it's tuning really well too.

The weight according to my digital scales is 10lb before anyone asks. The serial number is 730045.

All the technical info you may need is here:


I am NOT looking for any trades as I already own 3 other vintage basses. 

I'd sooner any prospective buyer was to come and try the bass so you can see/play it and be happy with it. I live about 5 minutes from Junction 26 of the M1 motorway in Nottingham. However if this is not possible I will post it at the buyers cost as I have a box and packaging materials. I've shipped stuff all over the world before and it will be well packed.

Buyer pays postage costs and import duty/tax etc... where applicable. If you are serious about buying this and wanting it posted, I will box it up and find out the exact cost to include insurance for you. 

I will post anywhere in the UK (for FREE), plus elsewhere at buyers cost to most European countries (except Italy) and i'll ship to the USA/Canada. I do not ship to Africa, Asia and Eastern block countries sorry. 

I'd prefer a cash sale please or bank transfer. I will only accept PayPal if you are willing to pay costs incurred. I will ship the bass only when the money is cleared or in my hand. 

Thanks everyone, check out the pictures. Any questions please fire away and  i'll do my best to help. This is a fantastic bass, a usable investment and will make somebody very happy indeed. 

My Feedback here:  https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/153732-feedback-for-clarkpegasus4001/

Video added from Facebook below. It's not perfect but it gives you some idea. (Sorry about the shorts it was REALLY hot that day! ha ha).


Cheers Tony.












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Price drop, free UK shipping added + Video added
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24 minutes ago, bassbiscuits said:

Ooh that's lovely. A rare and beautiful beast indeed. GLWTS. 

Thank you so much. Yes it is a thing of beauty and plays and sounds lovely too I might add. 

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21 hours ago, Bassman72 said:

Superb price to I must add! Would look great with my '68 but sadly no bass tokens in my bank account! ☹️

Get saving those bass tokens! You know you need this to go with your 68 😀 It would look so cool 😎 as a pair. Cheers Tony. 

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34 minutes ago, clarkpegasus4001 said:

You need this bass!

I'm not arguing with that!

The only chance of me buying it is in April when my company bonus pays out unfortunately. 

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On 18/11/2018 at 17:31, BreadBin said:

I'm not arguing with that!

The only chance of me buying it is in April when my company bonus pays out unfortunately. 

Well you never know, it could still be here by then. 🙄

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On 22/11/2018 at 22:03, drlargepants said:

Hmm, I didn’t realise they did these in long scale. 

Very nice !

Yes indeed they did long scale. EB3L shipping figures peaked in 1973. Thank you, it really is a lovely bass, someone is going to be delighted with it. It's a pity i'm not using it more. 

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I'm shocked that this bass has not yet been sold kinda bump! 

Actually i've had a couple of P/X offers (not on Basschat) but I don't really need another bass. 

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