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Sold - ‘87 Warwick streamer SII

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Hello all,

Not sure I want to sell this, but once again bills are calling...

for me, this bass it ergonomically and aesthetically perfect! It’s been a long time since a neck like this felt just right for me. However, you may have seen a post where I have found the bass a little to aggressive sounding for my taste. I did not want to pull the guts out of it and ruin it, I’d rather it be kept original.

it has had a new EMG at the neck as the previous one failed on me. The rest is an original 1987 Warwick streamer stage 2. It will come with the flight case.

Slim curvy body, lovely thin neck, a real beaut!

if this is to be posted, I will only do it fully insured.

that said, I’d be happy if it didn’t sell!





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Perhaps the new pickup is at the neck rather than the bridge, looking at the EMG logo?? 

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2 hours ago, Kev said:


Perhaps the new pickup is at the neck rather than the bridge, looking at the EMG logo?? 

Yep, you are right! And thanks all for the compliments on a great bass!

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I can vouch for these being one of the most comfortable basses around, I don't think I could ever part with my '87.  (Mine is painted and it's quite nice to see yours, and know what mine looks like under the deep sparkle paintjob) 

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From an '89 Stage 2 owner and the previous owner of 3 '88 Stage 2s these are just the greatest basses ever made. I made the stupid mistake of selling my 3 88's over 10 years, but my '89 will need to be torn from my dead hands... I'd love to buy this from you just to give it a good home.

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On 19/02/2018 at 22:39, FDC484950 said:

Dare I ask... how much does it weigh and what’s your location?


its 4.5kg on the bathrooms scales, I’m in kent.

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I have been asked for some photos of any dings and a head shot. so a couple of dings, a scratch a cm or so not deep. A bit of thumb wear around the neck pick up,  wear to some of the hardware a shot of the first fret and finally, the head (serial number covered for obvious reasons).

i wish I faired this well at 30!








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Stunning, wish I had the cash..

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    • By glee123
      The time has come for the reluctant sale of my Warwick Bass.
      I've owned it from new.  Purchased in 2002, it was built in November 2001 (I used the Warwick serial number search...).

      Thumb BO, 5-string
      Natural Oil finish
      Ovangkol body
      Ovangkol neck
      Black hardware
      Made in Germany

      It really is a beautiful instrument; plays and sounds amazing.
      Quality from Warwick as always.

      It has been a great companion for all of these years, unfortunately only gigged it a few times.  Sounded epic with my old Eden rig!
      I'm not playing much anymore so really needs to get a new lease of life in some new hands.

      It's in great condition.  There are a few light marks (I've tried to highlight in on of the photos) but nothing major.  I changed the bridge many years ago to allow for the use of other manufacturers strings.  The original bridge is included. I recently put on some DR Lo-Rider strings.  All of the other original tools and documents are also included, as is the gigbag (the zip is a bit knackered but works) plus a hardcase.

      I can send via courier or collection (with social distancing) from Epsom, Surrey.

    • By 72deluxe
      I am selling my Korean "ProSeries StarBass 5 Gold Metallic CHR passive/passive MAP fretted" (that's Warwick's description). I am trying to play fretless more these days and this is just not getting played enough.
      This is a passive instrument (no 9V batteries hurray) and is capable of "vintage" tones so it doesn't sound like a midrange-heavy solid-body Warwick. Serial number WPS B-000087-11 (2011 I think??).
      Construction wise, it has a solid maple block down the centre and hollow wings. The neck is maple (but painted in luxurious gold) and the fretboard wenge. This has Just-A-Nut III on it so is adjustable at the nut. (Just-A-Nut II was prone to breaking so the III is better). It has volume and tone for each pickup, and a selector switch in the style of a Les Paul (neck, both, bridge). 
      I played this on 2 gigs but then the band disbanded and it's been safely at home for many years. As you can see, it is in tip-top/excellent condition, with the only minor issues being pictured:
      a. slight decoloration of the tuning pegs (someone must have had sweaty hands before I bought it)
      b. There is also a blemish on the neck paintwork but that's under the lacquer
      c. There is a tiny slight mark above the neck pickup
      d. There is a mark near the fifth fret that looks like a construction issue that was filled in.
      e. Some slight marking on the pickup covers where enthusiastic playing has likely bashed a string onto the pickup cover (but it's under the string and I think you’ll struggle to see it)
      All of these were like this when I bought it. All of these are pictured and I think you'll struggle to notice these.
      This comes with a colossal excellent Warwick hardcase to keep this safe. This isn't pictured but is included. It’s a very good case!
      I have priced this appropriately I think, given that it's a Korean Pro Series and NOT the Chinese RockBass series which seem to have increased in price somewhat (hasn't everything?), but sensible offers are welcome!
      I enjoyed playing this bass a lot and will miss it but I need to be realistic. I would provide sound clips but there's plenty of demos by Andy Irvine back when he was working with Warwick on YouTube, if not somewhat slap-happy.
      I am in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire and would prefer not to ship this as it's massive and I have no cardboard to package it. I am happy to drive up/down the M5 a bit if this helps you for travel purposes. Worcestershire is in Tier 2 at the moment so I cannot travel to other locations.
      Cash or Bank Transfer please. If you want to put it on a credit card and pay via PayPal you can but I shouldn't get any fees so you'll have to send it as a "gift" to friends/family. Thanks.
      Pictures are here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yTSfW2OrA-XqisVwEMtrpU_S0t6eB2q9
    • By BPWalls
      Hello guys, I’m selling this amazing hybrid amp. This guy have 500w and word at 4/8 ohm. This is a tank made in Germany at the glory times of Warwick. It’s in mint condition, all working perfectly.
      i can ship it to all Europe

    • By MDWagstaff
      Having had this set up permanently for the last week I think I'm going to keep hold of it for a bit longer. Could just be a 'sellers remorse/2nd honeymoon' type thing but for now I'm really enjoying playing it again. 
      Hi all, 
      For sale here is my Warwick Triumph Lite (Rockbass). It's hardly used but does have a couple of dings which I've included in the photographs. Comes with the body attachments. 
      Looking for £700 (oto) or maybe willing to trade for these basses:
      Yamaha BB of similar value
      Ibanez ATK 8 series (4 or 5 string) 
      Ibanez ATK700 with cash my way
      Price dropped from £700 to £600!
      Collection from Wigan or can meet within reason. 

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