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  1. Why oh why do I love a matching headstock on a Jazz...and then with that colour too....and the bit of mojo just fits....oh my
  2. Tandro

    NAS Bass

    Bought a great pedal [email protected] Bass. Super quick comms and butter smooth transaction. As has been said by others, item is in really great condition. Indeed a great person to deal with!
  3. What happens in the practice room, stays in the practice room.....
  4. I bought an awesome pedal from Carlos, boxed with all the gubbins. Thanks @juliusmonk , he is a great seller with great comms!
  5. That looks so cool...but bizarrely I don't know why my first thought (seriously) was that it should have a red light on it that travels left to right, it should be renamed KITT, and have a Turbo Boost button added somewhere.
  6. Not a bass video, but let's see what Copeland says about all this reggae stuff...
  7. Bought a guitar amp from Dave and everything about the transaction was awesome! The item is wonderful, and despite the logistical complications, he went out of his way (literally) to figure it out, and kept the item safely for me way longer than he needed to! Dave is yet another reason the Basschat community is so great!
  8. Just bought a great guitar from Paul, exactly as described. Excellent comms, quick turnaround and great packaging. Thanks Paul!
  9. Same.....no money for this and no space....but when has that stopped me before......if I close my eyes maybe it goes away
  10. Indeed it does! I was a young whippersnapper when that came out.
  11. From the instant I saw the Junior Reid I instantly had to go play this
  12. Nice....just what I needed right now
  13. So I know this is the 'reggae thread' but it encompasses and touches all the flavours here anyways and it all gets love. I had seen this little mini documentary this guy put together on dancehall from his perspective as a newcomer to it. I was impressed and quite entertained by it. I'm not going to fact check it as I did not know a ton of those details anyways, I just grew up on the music around me at the turn of the century (or thereabouts). But I really like how he put it together and he touches on the history and Sound Systems etc. which was brought up in this thread the other day, and even ties in David Bowie into his discussion. Anyways, it popped back up in my youtube recommendations just now and I figured it might be entertaining for anyone who has not seen it.
  14. Well...there there is only one place to go then...but unfortunately you have to wait until tomorrow as they do not open on Sundays (and it not free ). I have not gone to the Clapham branch in a while since they opened up the Shepherds Bush outlet (heck I was there about a week ago)...but oh so worth it! (prices have raised unfortunately though). Shepherds Bush branch is literally a hole in the wall, just enough space to fit yourself infront the counter and pay/collect your order but I'm going for the food just to pick up. If you need that chicken roti and an 'Apple J' or your 'red solo'....then look no further. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g186338-d2256998-r687449545-Roti_Joupa-London_England.html
  15. Where where!? I could do with some pelau or doubles or something this nice Sunday evening...pass me a plate.
  16. he would have been known by some already but after that track he just blew up big time. Fun/stupid story...I was out clubbing with some friends many moons ago, and Damien had a concert that weekend, so he dropped into the club with his peeps. So its late and we outside the club now jus' chillin' and Damien decides to leave and passes by us. My friend belts out 'Junior Gong!'. He proceeds to promptly drop his head, raise his fist and tell us the ubiquitous...'Blessssss...'.
  17. @SumOne For real! I forgot all about that one, nice.....
  18. Ok this might throw off the feel of the thread a bit, but I'm listening to this and I really dig it. But its giving me a sense of something else, and then I realise its this (at least in my head). Strip back the bassline a heck of alot more, concentrate on the main repetitive phrase slowed down, have the bass boom some more and fast forward a couple decades...at very least, it gave me a reason to listen to this one again OK...back to the old school stuff now....
  19. So maybe nobody else is gonna care about this, but my mind was blown recently! I had posted up a cover of 'Lady' done by Wayne Wade a couple weeks ago on this thread that I had been listening to for years, and it got me to thinking what else he has. I then stumble across 'Too Experienced'. I was like, hold on, that is a Barrington Levy song (Which I absolutely love!)...but Wayne Wade must predate that, so Barrington's is a cover of his! So I keep searching, and I come across this article: https://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20111002/ent/ent4.html Only to realise that they are both covers of a song by Bob Andy from 1970. This may be old news for some, but I was amazed to find all this out! Just in case it interests anyone, here are 3 version of the same song (or 2 versions and one original). That Barrington version will forever have a special place in my heart from my youth, but it was so cool to find out a little history of the song and hear how different artists did it in slightly different styles. If you've made it this far reading this, congratulations on listening to my ramblings Hope you enjoy the music.
  20. So here I am on a Sunday morning on my laptop trying to be productive with some things I need to get done, and this has been keeping me company for the past hour and a half or so....just clicking repeat everytime it finishes
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