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Flats & FOH Sound

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I changed over to La Bella flats 12 months ago after years of playing rounds and love the change. I play in a classic rock/blues band and flats just nail the sound IMO.

I will mention I struggled to cut through the first few gigs because I was still learning how to EQ properly with flats. I play a Jazz bass and rolling the bridge pup off a little helped bring the mids up for a bit more bite.

After the first couple of gigs I put a BDI21 in my chain and that really improved things with a little bit of grit to my sound really tightening it up.

So anyone who uses flats - next time you're at a soundcheck, bump up the mids and use a low gain OD/DI box to add a touch of grit. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results. :)

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The best box I've found for pairing with a P + flats is the Aguilar Tonehammer. Just the right kind of breakup with the AGS on, sounds perfect right into headphones or PA. Check one out if you get the chance!

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I find my '71 Precision with Chromes, to my Markbass LM800 (flat eq) is perfect tone!
I never quite liked Jazz basses with flats, had a '73 Jazz that I had Roto flats on a few years ago, just didn't work for me!


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I used a P with La Bella flats at a recent blues weekender gig using the supplied backline ( a nondescript but reasonably effective 1x15 combo ).

The guy before me had a Gibson Thunderbird with rounds, which sounded great, growly and punchy.

I was relieved to plug the P in and get a really lovely smooth punchy old school bass sound too!

I like the idea of adding a touch of grit tho - bet that sounds quite valvey and hot. Edited by bassbiscuits

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