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Traded- Gibson 2013 EB 5string Bass

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Posted (edited)

Location: Eastham, Wirral. Cheshire.
Price: £575
No Offers - Trade considered

Product Features

•Solid Ash body in four grain-textured nitrocellulose finishes
•34" scale length Maple neck with rounded profile
•Rosewood fingerboard with acrylic dot inlays
•Jim DeCola designed coil-tapped humbucking pickups in the neck and bridge positions
•Highly engineered Babicz™ bass bridge
•Grover™ bass tuners with 20:1 ratio

Gibson 2013 EB bass, 5 String with original case.
Well kept and barely played amongst several basses owned.
A real comfortable neck for a 5 string, think of it as a 5 string Thunderbird bass but more comfortable to sit and stand with.

What you got? Ideally nothing active and cash my way

Trade value: £600

The price is the price, as much as id love to sort you a bargain. £575 is the lowest i can go or ill silply keep it under my bed.
Ill take PayPal, bank transfer and cash on collection (with a PayPal deposit).

Id prefer collection due to size and weight but if delivery is required, add £20: 24hr and insured with APC Overnight.

Any questions, feel free to ask.










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[quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1506724740' post='3380779']
Neck looks a bit twisted in that middle photo..... :D

Hahaha its just the camera angle and lighting, all is straight my friend :D

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It's obviously a very important message xD

Very handsome bass. 

  • Haha 1

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    • By Mikkel-S
      Up for grabs is this awesome little thunder machine. Short scale Gibson, perfectly setup with 50-105. Great condition except a few tiny chips. I also need to point out the finish has had some kind of reaction with a cheap guitar stand but I think thats typical with the thin nitro finish? Anyways - its only cosmetic. 
      Ships in original case. 
      725£ plus shipping. 
      Located in Denmark.

    • By golltoppr
      Hi everyone!

      I've decided to sell my Dingwall. My career focus has changed a little bit so I'm selling my go-to 5-string, which is a shame because it's really awesome.

      I had my luthier install the P-tone pickup (original is included) which I really like. It doesn't sound exactly like a p-bass, no matter what anyone will try and tell you, but it is massive sounding and has a slight 'chew' to it which I love. I find most of the time playing the bass I have it in parallel mode.

      Currently, I have it set up with a fairly high action and labella flats. The bass sounds great with both rounds and flats. I might make a quick demo if I have time in the next couple of days. Flats + bridge pickup and a little reverb/delay sounds so good.

      While the action is currently high (which I prefer because I can't play as many notes..) it can be set SO low. Even though the B string has a 37 inch scale it's so easy to play. The fan frets only get weird past the 14th fret in my opinion.

      Tone control is easy to use and useful. With the tone all the way off it bumps some low mids to my ear which taps into that 'tenor bass' sound a lot of people look for.

      It's been all over the place and shared the stage with heartthrobs such as Marti Pellow

      It's also suprisingly light and super balanced with the optional strap button to bring the money notes closer to you (which I've never had to use and I'm 5'9 or something)

      Writing all this I'm wondering why I'm selling???? Proper bass. Real deal!

      Comes with a levys gig bag (with a bit of a broken front handle), allen wrenches and stuff, labella flats (£50 or something new), original neck pickup, a couple of dings being a working instrument.


      -Youtube overview of bass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-CBbCUnfcc

      -I took it to a BBC session you might want to listen to. You'll need headphones - https://www.youtube....h?v=EJSHxSuYX-0

      -It's also all over the Skipinnish album 'The Seventh Wave'. I managed to squeeze in some bass w***age in this tune https://open.spotify...EzVIW3j3O3izpG8 in the verse starting at 1:52
      -This track shows it in a gentler setting - https://open.spotify...ohkMEOCB0SUNpt2

      Some instagram vids I uploaded a while ago;
      I dropped the price again, making this a really cracking deal. This is about £2,300 of kit for 1650. The extra 50 is just to cover postage.
    • By wilko_66
      I've finally decided that enough is enough and am selling this bass. I received it in a trade 2 years ago and have used it literally only once since. There's nothing wrong with it, I just prefer my Sei, so it is time to move it on for someone else to enjoy so that I can buy some other stuff.
      I believe it was bought new in 2011, and from the look of it has received very little use before I took ownership. No dings that I can see, only a light bit of plectrum wear on the pick guard. There is a blemish in the lacquer that I have tried to get a picture of that looks like bubbles underneath it. Feels fine to the touch though so not sure what it is. The case is another story and appears to have taken a knock at some point damaging one of the corners. Still seems really sturdy and sufficient for general carting around, but if you beat guitars up, a replacement might be necessary.
      This is the deluxe so has the 3 band active circuit with a passive switch and passive tone knob also. This was after Fender started putting graphite reinforcements in the necks on their 5 strings, so the B string is lovely. Weight is a little over 4kg's I would say, although haven't had a chance to weigh it so will do so as soon as I can. Ash body, maple neck as per pictures.
      I'm based in Buckinghamshire, people are more than welcome to come try it out if desired. 
      Collection preferred, happy to deliver myself within a reasonable distance at cost of petrol, or delivery can be arranged for further afield. Not sure how much shipping would be, but I imagine fairly similar to every other bass that gets shipped on here.

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      For sale ( Clearout Continues ) 
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      4 x ( Gold ) Schaller ( Germany ) Tuners ( Machineheads ) ( no screws required ) 17mm ( 2 a side so 2 x Left x 2 x right )      £40 Posted 
      4 x ( Gold ) Grover ( wavy ) USA Tuners ( Machineheads ) c/w screws  17 mm  (2 a side as above )                                             £40 posted 
      1 x ABM Germany 4 string Black Bass Bridge ( 18 mm )  Heavyweight  Brass c/w screws ( possible retro fit for Aria ? )          £35 Posted 
      1 x Schaller M4 3D 4 String ( Gold ) ( adjustable spacing ) ( popular retro and custom fit bridge ) ( checking for screws )        £40 Posted 
      1 x Schaller M2000 6  String ( Black ) ( 3D adjustable )   ( checking for screws ) ( pic to follow )                                                    £40 Posted  
      All parts are used and in working order ( mostly from 80s and 90s ) the Gold Titans are late 70s ( more pics to follow ) 
      Any Q s let me know