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North West Bass Bash

This Sunday!

Details here!

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  1. Never received this so Signal Path must still have it.
  2. That's a lovely looking bass.
  3. SOLD Fretless Short Scale Prose Bass

    What's the scale length?
  4. Gallien Krueger MB200 for sale - SOLD

    GAK has these at £290 now due to the pound devaluing.
  5. ACG Finn 4 Mac Ebony

    So this is SOLD then?
  6. Double Bass Bash Derby Oct 2nd

    Gah, couldn't make it today after all, family emergency, Gutted. Looks like it was a good doo.
  7. Rare Gary Willis gwb1/2 fretless NOW SOLD!!

    Does the price include UK postage?
  8. Double Bass Bash Derby Oct 2nd

    Hi all, Late to the party but I'm hoping to attend. If I can keep the kids out of the car I'll bring my Boosey. I havent noticed anyone bringing a Stagg so can bring mine for anyone who hasn't tried one before, mine is strung with silver slaps. I'll also bring a Yita Carbon bow. All subject to leaving the wife and kids behind.
  9. Gallien Krueger MB200 for sale - SOLD

    I've got one of these and it is surprisingly loud for such a tiny little thing. Has that GK tone as well.
  10. Bill Evans Trio.....Explorations

    Listened to this myself earlier for the first time. Nice, the bass seems a bit low in the mix though unfortunately.
  11. Lovely bass. If only I had some money and space for a second bass.
  12. Ibanez SRF700 Fretless *On Hold pending deal*

    Gah, if this was the 5 string. Do I really need a 5 string?
  13. Gut strings your views

    I've got n unused set of weed whackers as well. Couldn't be bothered filing the bridge to fit them. The G sounded nice though when I put that on though.
  14. First Double Bass

    The Drive a Double Bass videos by Michael Klinghoffer on YouTube helped me out a lot when I started playing upright. Very classical focussed but helpful nonetheless. He has a great video where he shows how you can finger a note just using the weight of the bass, which shows just how important it is not to grip the neck too hard. I'll see if I can find a link.