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  1. Hi - hope you're all well!! I'm trying to establish a) the pups in my Bass Collection are original and/or b) they sound as expected. The faces of the covers are so worn even the embossed SGC on the P could have been polished/abraded away). The most helpful thing in the world EVER to me right now would be a quick'n'dirty recording of another P/J Bass Collection using the P & J pups alternately. As long as the eq is flat/tone up full and isn't changed when flipping between pickups, I'll know instantly whether mine are right or not. Ia anyone game and kind enough to help me out here. You'd be able to rest assured you're helping an old man sleep at night lol. A million thanks in advance, Scott
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  3. I just finished making the 2nd Episode of "How To Piccolo Bass". This lesson looks at getting a beautiful tone AND how to start improvising. Hope you enjoy it... Scott.
  4. This lesson dives head-on into improvisation on the bass guitar! Even if you've never tried before, this lesson will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.
  5. GOLDEN OLDIES 🎬⏳ My first ever bass tutorial video - shot way back in 2011...
  6. Hi again! This 12 Bar blues bass lesson is a great staring point if you've never tried using double stops before. Double stops are a really fun and colourful way to add some pizzazz and wow-factor to your bass lines. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching, Scott.
  7. This is a great point! Not being a great reader (which I'm not) definitely cuts off certain streams of work as you say. It's definitely horses for courses - there's a trade-off one way or the other.
  8. Many thanks, Reggaebass! That's pretty much what I do... Yes - that's where reading is a Godsend! I tend to make short hand notes (that look hilarious to anyone else lol) for intro/ending reminders etc. I read 'enough' but never could get my sight reading chops up to speed but it would be incredibly useful at times. You're definitely right about about memorising stuff more easily if you work it out yourself! I 'm funny in that if someone is 'showing' me a song, I prefer them NOT to tell me the chords/notes - I'd rather hear them and work it out. That way I learn the movement of the changes etc. rather than 'painting by numbers'.
  9. Hi there - hope you're having a great week! Here's one for your diary! Next Tuesday I'm doing a free live streamed bass tone workshop looking at how to get those elusive great bass tones. In the first part of the workshop I'll demonstrate how to achieve and perfect several classic bass tones that work in a variety of genres including blues, slap, rock, soul and more. The second half of the live stream I'll open to take your questions on the subject and also to listen to your own experiences PLUS any tips YOU might have to share with the viewers. Be sure to set a reminder and PLEASE SHARE to help get the word out there... Streaming Times: UK 8 pm East Coast USA: 3pm West Coast USA: 12pm Follow this link to set a reminder: How to get a GREAT Bass Tone - REVEALED Thanks a million - see you there, Scott.
  10. It's an age old question that causes fuses to blow at each end of the spectrum, but in reality is the answer really black and white? Be sure to watch the video to the end - I'd love to know your own experience and how it related to what I talk about in the video...
  11. Really excited to share this... It's the first track from my debut solo release, "In My Shoes". After nearly 10 years sitting on the back burner, I've finally realised my vision. The track features two of my SWB-1 signature short scale basses - one in standard tuning, the other in Piccolo Bass tuning (all the "guitar" parts are on the piccolo). I was incredibly humbled to have some outstanding talent join me on the track including Joe Crabtree from Wishbone Ash, Christian Madden from Liam Gallagher's band, Janet Whitley on BVs and a full horn section arranged by the super talented Greg Harper! Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. Scott.
  12. Hi! Here's one from last year just before the curls came off lol. It's a 70s funk/disco style line broken down note by note. Hope you enjoy it, Scott.
  13. Good evenin' all - I haven't been here for a while lol. I've gotten really serious about making bass tutorials again and hopefully some of them will be useful to fellow Basschatters. Here's the one I just uploaded... In this lesson I break down Louis Johnson's slap bass solo section from the Brother's Johnson dance hit, Stomp. I give you one note at a time in a really simple and easy to follow style. Hope you enjoy it, Scott.
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