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  1. It's all been said before, but just to reiterate... A straight-up bloke and a pleasure to do business with. Buy from him with confidence. As a bonus, if you happen to go and collect your purchase, he's a nice chap to chat to for half an hour.
  2. Hmm... go on then. PM'd.
  3. Bought some strings from Matt. An easy, hassle-free bloke to deal with. Thanks Matt, it was a pleasure . Hodge
  4. A couple of years ago I aquired a Harley Benton Jazz for the princely sum of £60, just to see, really. I had a neck I really liked from an old bass kicking about, so I threw that on and then spotted some Lindy Fralin Jazz pickups going for £90 for the set... by that point it seemed a shame not to take it further. Bought a set of CTS pots for £27 and a scratchplate from someone here on Basschat for, I think, £12. I gave the body a bit of a light sanding to take the extreme glossiness off the finish. I still need to get some knobs that fit the fatter posts on the CTS, some more screws for the pickguard wouldn't go amiss, and I have yet to do anything with the tuners or bridge. Also, apparently, looking at the photo, it could do with a bit of a clean. All in all it stands me at less than 200 quid and I love how it looks, how it feels and, above all, how it sounds. Used it a lot in pub gigs where, as Sam said, you don't feel comfortable leaving an expensive instrument on stage while you nip out for a smoke. I didn't really know what to put on the headstock. I ended up opting for something that looked vaguely Fenderish to the casual observer, but on closer inspection....
  5. I read somewhere that Leo intended the bridge pickup on an SB-2 to function as the tone control, rather than being used as a stand-alone pickup in its own right. I have an old, mid-90s US SB-2 and the bridge pickup is significantly lower in output than the neck pickup. I can well believe that it's purely there to add some bite to the P-style pickup. Either way, I've never missed a tone control on it.
  6. Bought a bunch of leads from Chris. A nice, smooth transaction: items as described, great communication, prompt delivery, good price... can't ask for any more than that. All in all, a good bloke to deal with. Thanks mate.
  7. Bought Clarky's Orange Terror. As smooth a deal as you could wish for and an absolute pleasure to do business with. Thanks very much mate.
  8. I had one of these back in the '80s. I seem to recall it had a really nice, fast, easy playing neck on it and sounded pretty good too. Sadly, recent purchases prevent a nostalgia-buy, but good luck with the sale.
  9. Hodge


    Bought Josh's Greenboy F112. A pleasure to deal with. Speaker cabs are always a pain to post, but he went out of his way to save my poor old car a 500 mile round trip.
  10. Because it's still two weeks to payday. 😁
  11. ...Not to mention probably a 60 odd quid round-trip fuel bill from you to Walsall. That takes the something of the shine off the price tag.
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