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  1. I had one of these back in the '80s. I seem to recall it had a really nice, fast, easy playing neck on it and sounded pretty good too. Sadly, recent purchases prevent a nostalgia-buy, but good luck with the sale.
  2. Hodge


    Bought Josh's Greenboy F112. A pleasure to deal with. Speaker cabs are always a pain to post, but he went out of his way to save my poor old car a 500 mile round trip.
  3. Because it's still two weeks to payday. 😁
  4. ...Not to mention probably a 60 odd quid round-trip fuel bill from you to Walsall. That takes the something of the shine off the price tag.
  5. I think the main problem with these speakers is that, while the price is undoubtedly low, it's not quite tempting enough to take a chance, just to see. When, with a little patience and dilligence, you can find stuff like a pair of Hartke HD112 for £220 a piece in the marketplace here (Waynesworld's sale) it seems a far safer bet to spend the little extra (only 20 quid extra in relation to the "top end" of the DHC range). At least you get to check out some reviews, opinions and videos to have a reasonable idea what to expect. As for possibility of stumbling across "the next Barefaced": I bought a Barefaced Big One many years ago and when I did it was a decision based on reading loads of stuff on here from Alex and people who had tried and tested them, people about whose knowledge I could make a reasonable judgement. I was reasonably sure what I was getting. It's a totally different proposition to take a chance on something so completely unknown, for the sake of saving a few quid against more established used gear. If this bloke's stuff is really as good as he makes out, he needs to do a lot more in the way of marketing if he wants to tempt people into taking a punt.
  6. Thanks Bill, I have to say, that bit made even me blink when I first read it, and I don't know all that much about the engineering of speaker cabs. I guess it's just a standard case of "if it seems too good to be true...." Still, if nothing else it's spurred me to read a bit more about how all this stuff works (including not a few posts of your own on here), so it's not all bad. Cheers.
  7. Oh aye, could do. He also lists a £200 version that has a 12" Eminence Beta. I'll see if I can get an idea based on that. Meanwhile, any direct experience anyone might have would still be handy. Ta for the suggestion. Edit: Well, I can't remember the last time I sat looking at so many graphs, the meaning of which was so utterly lost on me. At least there's a large Help section: Looks like I have some homework to do.😀
  8. Does anybody know anything about, or have any experience of, these cabs? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DHC-Bass-Lightweight-1x12-Tweeter-Bass-Guitar-Cab-Hand-Made-in-the-UK/323270158655?hash=item4b4467293f:g:FToAAOSwHLFa7fCA The bloke says he's had good feedback from purchasers of his first run, but I haven't managed to find any mention of them online, other than these ebay listings. I'm kind of torn between being skeptical to the point of dismissal, and intrigued to the point of "at that price it might be worth giving them a try". Any experience and/or opinions? Cheers.
  9. Bought a few bits from Ash: nothing major, just a couple of pickguards and a set of strings. Nevertheless, his communication and attention to the deal were second to none. Straighforward, hassle-free, all-round decent bloke to deal with.
  10. PMd re: White and tort pickguards and tapewounds.
  11. Also, don't trust staff in music shops, make sure for yourself. I've had experiences where ill-informed staff have tried to tell me that there's no difference, or that the instrument cable they're trying to sell me is a speaker cable. Considering that, in the most extreme situations, you can end up burning your house down and everyone in it, it's not a matter on which to trust a piano playing salesman, who may have never used an amp in his life.
  12. We start the first set with "Dreaming of You" - The Coral. This means I get to start and have my four seconds of glory. Second set starts with "Whistle for the Choir" - The Fratellis. This means I'm free to sort out my drink, have a good scratch and hoist up my trousers while all the adoring girls make eyes at the guitarist/singer.
  13. A 2004 American Standard should also, I believe, have "Fender" molded into the neck plate on the back. This could, of course, have been replaced at some time, for some strange reason, but combined with the lack of glossy finish, the lack of string-through holes and the truss rod adjustment being at the wrong end of the neck, I'd struggle to believe this was an American Standard. Edit: To further complicate matters, further research seems to indicate that there was no 2004 American Standard. They became the American Series, with the addition of the S-1 switch, in 2004. The American Standard was only reintroduced in 2008. All in all it's looking like the best thing to do is, KiOgon said, ask for the serial number.
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