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  1. Not strings related. Looking for Special PJ like that for some time. let me know if decide to part with it.
  2. I'd be interested in bag. Does the price include postage to UK Kris
  3. Hi guys. Is anyone registered on these platform and can share experience? I find quite annoying that I don't get any responses (none positive or negative), I don't even know if my quotes were passed to potential booker. anyone has same experience? Thanks Kris
  4. HI Guys, hope you don't mind my question. My band is considering buying XR series mixer.. I've read about poor wireless connection performance. Could you share your experience in live situations. Thanks Kris
  5. I share ours. http://firedanceband.co.uk/ One of the commercial themes for wordpress adapted for a band.
  6. they keep coming in wrong time. Need to shift my L2000 G&L club bump
  7. just put my bid on same one on ebay. Auction ends tonight, If i don't win ill send you pm kris
  8. my signer is using Lyricpad, but I think it's android only app. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lyric-Pad/193728934027216?fref=photo
  9. mansfeld was a Polish luthier/small manufacturer based in Nowy Targ if i remeber correctly, quite popular in 80's when getting any decent instrument from the shop was tricky. In 80's they were made to order instruments but I'm not convinced if they were really good quality build. They were to expensive for me at the time, so never owned or played one. The serial number starts with 93, so maybe that's instrument from 1993, and it's just cheap production bass. Don't think so it's a rare instrument, maybe in UK They still making guitars and basses under brand mensinger and marathone. [url="http://www.mensingerguitars.com"]http://www.mensingerguitars.com[/url] Hope that help Regards Kris
  10. observer

    MB1 Feedback

    Martin is a top bloke Friendly and helpful every time I deal with him, i could write the essay about it Hope to see you again soon. Thanks
  11. Looks like it's time to start Polish subforum Welcome, Witaj
  12. observer


    might be interested in px
  13. observer


    drice drop now £450
  14. observer


    good morning bump
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