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  1. furym

    Budget multi fx

    I have all 3, Zoom MS-60b, Zoom B3n, and Boss GT-1b. The Boss gets the most use. Zoom B3n works great if you turn things on and off a lot. Boss for set it and forget it patch style, switching patches as needed. It can do on and offs but programming is cumbersome for that. I like the Boss sounds better though. The MS-60b is fine for 1 or 2 (it will do up to 4) effects or just trying out different things and very pedal board friendly.
  2. My first “real” bass was a pawn shop purchase Peavey Fury. Since my last name is actually Fury, it was like it was made for me. I have much better playing basses now but it will stay in the family.
  3. Currently chasing the tone myself. I am after a clear, just before and stretching into breakup of an old tube sound. Problem is we are on a silent stage. Going to try some tube DIs and see if that gets me any closer.
  4. Recent production Squiers are great. Guy at Church plays one.
  5. Check out the Boss GT-1B as well as the Zoom B3n. Both are gigable. I have both but prefer the Boss.
  6. Greetings. I had to feed my addiction and find another bass forum since TB is down. I play with the worship team at church, CCM, on either a ‘14 Fender P V or my ‘20 American Ultra. Anxiously waiting on my Khan VTDI as we are ampless at church.
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