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  1. Anyone fancy starting a Anyone Else Find BassChat Miserable Rude and Unwelcoming During The Recent Outage? thread on TB? 😇
  2. I would give the world to go to see Dido and Aeneas and hear, during "When I Am Laid In Earth", as Dido bids life farewell, the audience gently humming the ground bass over and over
  3. Thanks for all that advice. I'm already in the process of acquiring the Line 6 that Rich is selling. Then I'll be buying a studio monitor along the lines of the HS5. And then my practice amp will go back to its traditional role of sitting in the back of the wardrobe.
  4. I'm wondering if on the BassRetailersChat forum there's also a thread entitled Basses You'll Never Sell? and how different its tone is.
  5. You should hear what Dave Mustaine misheard "another council tenancy" as, when recording his cover of Anarchy In The UK.
  6. "Slow"? --- this is nothing, I've had a bass stuck in UK customs since 22 March 😑
  7. I don't mean literally - ooh, look, the bald man with the big guitar is smiling - but if a musician is unhappy with the noise they're making, that unhappiness has a detrimental effect on the quality of the performance, and will make a difference to the audiences's enjoyment. Or, to put it the positive way round, when a musician is happy with the noise they're making, the relaxed confidence they feel transmits itself extremely clearly and is something audiences find very attractive.
  8. I've been regularly to that album regularly since I was about 14, and not once have I thought about the bass tone or even the bass at all. I take this as an extremely good sign. (I don't recall ever having had a single thought about the drumming neither)
  9. Made me wonder, do you see more short scale air basses these days?
  10. For around the same money there are bigger rugged speakers like the Alto TX208. Presumably the payoff for being more sturdily built is lower sound quality? Also, do speakers of that size have problems making a fully toned sound at low volume?
  11. This comparison review says that on the HS5 the lows taper earlier, but doesnt say they totally vanish: https://bpmskills.com/producer/studio-monitors/yamaha-hs5-vs-hs7/ edit: have found more people saying the JBL 305p MkII has much better bass range than the HS5 eg https://bpmskills.com/producer/studio-monitors/jbl-lsr305-vs-yamaha-hs5/ That comparison says the Yamaha is flatter, so guess better for combining with the Line6's aims...?
  12. Is there a word for the change in tone that comes when you trim the nails on the first two fingers of your right hand right back? If so, that. Squared.
  13. I see that there is also the smaller HS5. Google searches haven't found me anyone saying that they're too small for the purpose....yet Edit: but I did find someone opining that the JBL MkII had a better bottom end than the HS5
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