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  1. It is dispiriting how angry and/or scornful some consumers who have their every whim catered to are made by other consumers getting what they want.
  2. I think the temptation is past the worst, but the patient is still vulnerable.....
  3. Obviously, I wrote that before seeing this sub-9lb Ray34 for sale at £700
  4. Presumably the top 5 Bassists of 2021 are all youtubers
  5. If it's any consolation, I've read people saying of their new Sonic Blue SB-2, there's a lot more green in this than I was expecting.
  6. When I look at that last photo, I can hear the wood calling out, stain me red, I beg you. I think
  7. It took me a while to learn never to put any context to my threads, as to avoid having to spend time discussing decisions I had already made and actions I had already taken.
  8. Fortunately if PayPal see the word Bax they refund immediately, it seems.....
  9. My position on Bax is never again, not for nothing. What a clueless organisation.
  10. I liked the feel and texture of Chromes, I really liked what they did to the character of the bass I fitted them to, but eventually those wisps of husky woody overtones got on my nerves.
  11. One thing I learnt early on was that one man's broken in is another man's dead.
  12. Are you hoping that trying to foist your middle age middle class guilt on everyone else will somehow lessen yours? Because it won't.
  13. BTW, the GHS Balanced Nickels are nickel/nickel roundcore. Quite pricey though: £37 from Bass Direct.
  14. I'm about to try the 7150 45-105 on my BB, as I like the nickel-plated steel 7250 on my P I fancy trying to find something with a nice mellow but full tone for the BB .... but still have that nice hexcore stiffness. Would the 7150s feel as stiff as the 7250s?
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