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  1. That made me ask myself – what was it that drew me to Yamaha basses? Answer: my mum's Yamaha U3 piano, and an ancient memory of being very surprised when a friend of a friend took me pillion on his RD350
  2. 🤣🤣 Chrome browser on my Android phone translates it all for me!
  3. I didn't like my original avatar being turned into the background for our identity-subsuming badges, so I thought if the badge is at the forefront, may as well have a background to match. Five minutes of playing with Snapseed and TA-DAH! edit, another five minute fiddle later:
  4. If you tell the Fender website that you're in Japan then you get to gawp at the huge range of MIJ models that seem to be usually JDM only. As far as I can see the Traditional range knocks a couple of millimetres off the nut width as a matter of policy. I think Basswood is standard, as well. Gear4music have got a couple of the Traditional 50s in. U shape profile, but 42mm nut and 9.5" radius. £1,249. If they had the 40mm 70s model in stock as well I would be wandering up the road to them right now.
  5. Quite! Have their never been pitchforks at the castle gates, demanding that their Oberschlapper appear on the balcony with a bb1200?
  6. ....and you've never had a BB?! How on earth has the membership stood for this!?
  7. It's good to hear that you like it as it is, are satisfied with it as it is. It doesn't sound like you miss the straightforward series option available on the modern version, either 👍🏻
  8. Will we need to have tissues at the ready? Being slightly more serious, would the @ped-mod of turning the rear pickup's OMG mode into simply a single coil mode be really easy? Instead of going from back coil to cap-laden front coil, you would just bypass the front coil, yus? Leaving the cap intact, doing sod all.
  9. Having slept on this I've worked out that you need to replace the pickup selector switch and the OMG/parallel switch with a pair of Strat style five-way selector switches, one for each pickup, offering you: front coil / parallel / off / OMG / back coil You're more than welcome! 😁
  10. I've sent a DM to them on twitter, inviting them to give an alternative explanation.
  11. Great, so not only am I being spied on, I'm being spied on by incompetents
  12. Since the strength of the Fender brand is so strong, especially for basses, is having a good offering at each rung of the price point ladder more important to them than offering the same specs to price ratio as the less established brands? At a step up from the standard American Pro II are a retro model and a modern model: Am Ultra P – £2099 Am Original – £1949 Am Pro II P – £1849 Having the Player Plus in the range does the same job with the MIM models, they offer both a retro and a modern option as the step up from the standard Player: Player Plus P – £1069 Vintera P – £1049 Player P – £779 Without it, for someone wanting to spend around a £1000 on a P, the only option would be the Vintera, which doesn't have universal appeal. The Player Plus balances that. And the gap between the two sets is bridged with Am Performer P – £1279 MIJ Boxer – £1209
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