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  1. I wonder if the extra effort needed for the finishing explains why G&L charge about $100 more for Empress. The G&L SB-1 that got stolen by Parcelfarce before it could reach me was 7.0 lbs.
  2. As Glenn Close says to Uma Thurman in Dangerous Liaisons: the pain is like the shame, you only feel it the first time.
  3. My tech had zero problem getting my two Indonesian Yamahas playing beautifully. Low action, no fret buzz, one brand new, one ten years old.
  4. This is a very low price for a US built G&L! I've just been scouring youtube for various demos, and was very surprised to hear just how well La Bella flats sound on the Fallout
  5. Just planning my route through music history, jumping from being one person to the next. Start off as Glen for the first few months of the Pistols, then become Cliff in ACDC for Highway To Hell and Back In Black. Quick backcomb of the hair to be Simon Gallup for Faith and Pornography, then nip over to Craig Adams for First and Last and Always. Return to metal (and suddenly get a lot more technically proficient) as Junior in Peace Sells. Put my feet up for ....And Justice For All. And then move to the Cotswolds and make cheese, I guess.
  6. Would I like to have been Steve Harris? Yeah, why not.
  7. Obviously the original recipe P goes perfectly with La Bella flats. I was wondering if the cumulative effect of tiny little modernisations in the Pro II P messes with that. I can't see why it should: the pickup isn't that different, ditto the bridge - does the stiffening of the neck make much difference? But actual experience would be good to hear. Have you put DTFs on your Pro II P?
  8. When the earlier basses got too expensive for people who want to indulge themselves but still have some kind of budget.
  9. The point is that the bass is from an era when they were making music that is currently highly regarded, it's an artifact no less than an instrument. Yes it's a bit silly, but it's a testament to the extraordinary power of music, and we don't mind that. (It's also a testament to the eternal truth that musicians are generally on the skint side of society)
  10. "The guitar was stored improperly, wrapped in a blanket, and some of the blanket has fused to the finish. The guitar is not sticky, just a little furry. Some of the clearcoat on the neck is flaking off as well." Glorious!
  11. Yeah, I'm with you on that. If you've not got Spotify and want to hear to hear the whole thing....
  12. Google tells me that, many moons ago, the OP once spelt it Sqiuer, which looks rather natty 👍
  13. If I was the manager of gear4music I would be wondering why their staff are so uninterested in helping a sale come to fruition. As it was, I appreciated being left alone to spend some quality time coming to the conclusion that the bass I had travelled to see was not quite for me. I guess that's a recommendation? 🤷
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