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  1. They should have taken a tip from YouTube players: if you want people to know you're playing fretless, play out of tune.
  2. In the Bass Centres collection, this one caught my eye for having a 40mm nut, halfway between a J neck and the usual modern P neck Bass Collection Power Bass
  3. Yamaha shop in London has them listed for £915, and are open to having a go at lowering prices. Iacopo there is very friendly and chatty and helpful. BB PH Yamaha London
  4. The G&L p-bass, the LB-100, is £450, £50 less than that Bass Centre model https://www.andertons.co.uk/brands/gl-guitars/g-l-tribute-lb-100-bass-in-olympic-white-3-ply-black-pickguard-vintage-tint-gloss-neck-with-brazilian-cherry-fingerboard
  5. The upside to using Hermes once in blue moon is that it reminds you not to
  6. On the promo video for GHS Balanced Nickels they say that most G strings have just one cover, with 2 for the D and A, and 3 for the E. The Balanced Nickels have 2 wraps for all 4 strings. I wonder how they would do on any bass where the G string underwhelms
  7. I've now added a BB424 to my TRBX604. The sound the BB makes is more my thing, but the size of its body and the thickness of its neck all make me very grateful for the TRBX being physically so much more manageable 😅 When my lightweight, thin-necked G&L SB-1 finally arrives (and heaven knows when that will be) I might move the TRBX on, but until then, there's no way I could do without it!
  8. The 41x and 43x have painted headstocks, the 42x do not. Is this because they were wanting to show off the laminated necks?
  9. If you open this on YouTube and change the playback speed to 1.25x, you'll have it back to something like the original speed, but with the pitch and timbre still down at Tracy Chapman levels
  10. All these very nice covers in that stick to the original style have made me appreciate just how good a singer Dolly Parton is: the singers have beautiful voices used musically, but they're not matching the inflections of their voice to the words as quite closely as she does. Without that, the careful balance between the cheerful music and the sad words goes.
  11. Does that mean you can live without a link of a five year girl singing it on Ellen?
  12. Beatles cover, though? (not that this was the first recording of it either)
  13. While this thread has a clear winner, this Candi Staton version is an ever more clear second place. Please do listen, if you aren't heartily sick of the song by now.
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