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  1. I used Eurosender to post a bass this week and it seems to have gone well. I placed the order on Monday, it was collected on Tuesday by DPD and was delivered yesterday afternoon. It cost £25.71 (including non-Sterling fee) for a UK to UK delivery with €1000 insurance cover which I think is a decent price, though the BASSCHAT10 code only gave a €0.96 discount.
  2. Hipshot BT8 Extender in Chrome. Fits Fender American Standard Jazz & Precision basses from 2008+. Easy to fit, just needs 5 minutes and a 19mm A/F spanner. As new condition, includes set-up instructions. Free postage to mainland UK. Note: Fits And works on current American Fender basses but doesn’t match the new fluted tuners.
  3. I love the colour but didn’t like the white scratch plate on my Jaguar so it was swapped for a black one.
  4. Justin Meldal-Johnsen is a regular poster on Talkbass and he is running rounds on his signature bass, though he’s still got flats on his original Mustang. He has also confirmed it’s coming out in black.
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