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  1. 3, and it will remain at 3 for a long time. I’d like it to be about 13, but money, space and time will prevent that.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your input. I got the markbass and couldn’t be happier. I just carry it downstairs when the nippers are asleep, plug in and play and it just sounds beautiful. No bells or whistles, It just adds to the pleasure of playing. And I get to feel incredibly smug tucking it away in an Ikea Kallax when I’m done. Love this thing.
  3. Totally agree on this. Spotify also winds me up because it will recommend something, I’ll check it out and not like it, but because I’ve listened to it, it will continue to recommend things based on it.
  4. Some great ones in here. By no means in the “best ever” category, but I don’t think she’s had a mention yet - I just love Susanne Sundfor.
  5. To be very clear, no intention of imposing anything, other than adding a few more songs that we like into the mix if she takes to any of them (and hopefully fill her head with a few more songs that might make her forget the questionable choice by her nursery to expose them to the crazy frog) I’d just like to get a bit more variety in for her to experience and enjoy and give her a few role models.
  6. Sorry, very badly phrased on my part and I’m not entirely sure I said that, must be sleep deprivation! I’m just trying to get a few more songs which me and my husband like (which would very broadly cover those genres) into the family playlist, and put some performances/music videos on so we can play them a few times without complaint if that makes sense...and she will be happy to see women playing. We’re not picky at all, although the more I can expose her to real instruments being played, the better!
  7. This 😂 not the specifics of that co-worker, but I can concentrate so much better with some music on. I cannot deal with two voices at once anymore though. I think I’m getting old.
  8. I’m trying to gently steer my 5yo daughter to the more rock/prog/metal side of things from pure Disney (admittedly, I love a good bit of Disney too) I’m putting a few music videos and live performances on to try and make it as interesting as possible and I’m really aware of presenting some role models she can identify with. The whole boy/girl thing seems to be a really big deal at this age, so I’m keen to make sure we get some female representation in, but it’s not something I’ve ever thought of consciously that much. So hit me with your favourite bands with female musicians to add to the playlist.
  9. It used to be a lot. I’m currently on maternity leave, but normally on my way to and from work, and whenever I can sneak a bit in the day (double blessing as people see the headphones and assume I’m on a conference call and leave me alone 😂). It’s lessened a bit over the past 3 years, I think mostly because I’ve been through some highly traumatic experiences and for the first time ever, music doesn’t even make it slightly better, so I don’t have the same connection I once did. I also think there is just too much choice with Spotify etc and I don’t have the same experience of carefully selecting something. I also really miss the days of an anticipated album being released and sitting down with the CD and doing nothing but listen to it. These days, it’s mostly Disney songs with the kids and just starting to try and get the eldest into some proper music...actually, I’m going to start a thread or two on a similar topic.
  10. It doesn’t have to be particularly fast, fancy or complex, but I LOVE the bass, so I like it best when it’s prominent.
  11. I’m female and often find these things funny (I accept the vast majority of relationships, it’s a male who’s the guitarist/bassist, so can happily just switch the joke round in my head). This one was rubbish. Can’t argue with the logic on #7 though...
  12. So true! As an aside, we may have slipped a little into prog territory 😂
  13. I’ve got young kids, and I put time with them over everything else, so I won’t be gigging or playing with a drummer anytime soon. If it ever happens, I’ll dust off my ancient amp from the garage if it still works (or treat myself to something dedicated to that purpose) For now, I just want something that sounds gorgeous for solo practice and playing with one guitarist at low volumes while the kids sleep. The Rumbles do look brilliant and my head says they’re a great choice. My heart’s been wanting a Markbass since I first played through a borrowed CMD102 about 10 years ago. I’ve got EQ controls on basses, a Pod XT and possible a separate EQ pedal somewhere if I need it so that bit worries me a lot less than when I first started looking. It’s really tempting to get something that does more, but I want something that does less but does it really well so I’m almost sure this is the one. I’m just worried that I won’t be able to enjoy that feeling of rocking out that I miss so much with an 8 inch speaker but I think I’ll only know if I take a punt. Thanks so much for the input folks. New toy for mummy!!!! 😁
  14. I’ve been back and forth a thousand time’s but I’m almost sold. Hubby (guitar) and I have just started playing again after a few years and so I want: - great tone - simple - easy to shift around the house I’m just having a last minute “can it cope with the low B on a 5 string?” moment. Don’t suppose you’ve tried with a 5 string, have you?
  15. So most of my music listening at the moment is with my kids there. My eldest is really taking in the lyrics now and asking questions a lot and definitely sensitive to them. So, can I have your suggestions for good songs with nice/positive/inspiring lyrics please? I’m trying to avoid overly cheesy and prefer real instruments if possible...it might be for the kids, but I’ve got to listen to it too! Thanks!
  16. Looking for a small, simple, great sounding (for that size) practice amp. I was looking at the Markbass Micromark 801 combo. What else should I be considering?
  17. Where abouts are you? EDIT: sorry, just seen, eedyot!
  18. If only it was the 5 string version. Lusted after these when they came out and I’ve always regretted not getting one. Hope it finds a good home 😍😍
  19. So hubby (guitarist) and I (bassist) have let our playing slip since we became parents and really want to start playing again. one big obstacle is just having the time to setup and put away gear, so looking for something really small and simple, maybe one of those iPhone interfaces that just lets us plug in and play (silently), but we’ve lost all track of what’s on the market. Any ideas or recommendations?
  20. Metal + fretless makes me happier than anything
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