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  1. Scambieresti con un Fender American Elite Precision bass in natural ash del 2016? Scambio Italia su Italia. Se sei interessato ti posso inviare le foto del basso in questione.
  2. Pickups are original (PV ‘63) aside from the cover?
  3. Try a P-bass with flatwound strings correctly set-up .. you will see that in some cases less is more !
  4. If what you are looking for is the tone of a P-bass there’s nothing better than a ... ehm ... P-bass, Mexican, American or Indonesian whatsoever ...
  5. bought the same model from BassDirect .. super light-weight bass .. great neck albeit truss rod head is difficult to reach (feature common to USA models .. it's a design feature) .. great bridge and tuners and very good electronics package ( bridge pickup with the right amount of highs and miss sounds decidedly Jacoesque) ... strange that this one is still unsold ...
  6. Got a 2016 Am. Elite P bass in natural ash finish which I'd like to get rid of ... if may PM you if interested ..I'm from Italy.
  7. trade for a Fender American Elite 4 strings P bass in natural ash?
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