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  1. bought the same model from BassDirect .. super light-weight bass .. great neck albeit truss rod head is difficult to reach (feature common to USA models .. it's a design feature) .. great bridge and tuners and very good electronics package ( bridge pickup with the right amount of highs and miss sounds decidedly Jacoesque) ... strange that this one is still unsold ...
  2. Got a 2016 Am. Elite P bass in natural ash finish which I'd like to get rid of ... if may PM you if interested ..I'm from Italy.
  3. trade for a Fender American Elite 4 strings P bass in natural ash?
  4. considering trades or partial trades from/to Italy?
  5. For the neck width at nut is just enough taking a measurement ... matter of five minutes perhaps ...
  6. Hi... the bass is very beautiful! Going the single-coil way without spending a fortune, but only if you can still find them, I'd say Fender PV '64 pickups! Great '60s jazz bass tone. Otherwise, the Aguilar HC hum-cancelling; they sound like single-coil '60s jazz bass pickups ... growly!
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