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  1. LaBella with red silk? However they seem to be flatwound strings listening to them. Do you know which brand of pickup Limelight uses? The bass sounds fantastic and your playing was very confident and groovy 👍
  2. Superb photographic set for a great vintage bass at a reasonable price. GLWTS 👍
  3. Ok, thanks .. I believe the F-bass is a killer PJ ! 👍
  4. Trade with Am. Elite P-bass in natural ash + OHSC and some cash?
  5. Interested in a one-to-one swap with an 2016 American Elite P-bass in natural ash finish?
  6. I’ve sent you some pics .. I hope you received them as I don’t understand the system here very well; let me know and let me also know if you need some other detail or information
  7. Got an immaculate USA Elite P-bass in natural ash plus OHSC. I can ship to UK of you can ship yours to Italy. I can send you the relevant pictures if you are interested.
  8. Hi. Will you evaluate the possibility of partial trades and shipping outside of UK (Italy)? I’ve got a luthier made bass, Biarnel model Iter 4 that I’d like to sell because it’s a bass yielding a very fine, modern sound, whereas I’m now firmly oriented towards vintage-voiced instrument’s. The bass is four-strings, bolt-on instrument with proprietary active pickups and tone controls; alder body, padouk top, ebony (very dense and silky) fretboard and multi-laminate neck; neck is very fast and the sound is super clean. This is a link to the manufacturer’s site: www.biarnel.com If interested is may send you pictures of the instrument in private. Regards.
  9. P-basses were borne with a P-pickup only; a J-neck can be suitable for some folks and not for some other; for me it’s not a problem and this bass is GORGEOUS. Lucky the guy with the required dough to buy it.
  10. Thanks! This model has got a set neck, isn't it?
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