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  1. Seat of pants - short term, infrastructure and strategy - long term? Personally I prefer structure, tend to be better prepared in many ways but then I'm not much into improvising on the bass. Having said that, I've just taken 3 gigs in December with no planned rehearsals but good pay!
  2. I saw them in Bristol a good few years ago - that was an eye-opener! They asked for volunteers for 'special' treatment in the dressing room after the gig.... I seem to recall Dave Coverdale showing off a boner during a Whitesnake gig in the late 70s.
  3. A bit left-field but I had great success staining a maple top with black ink (the stuff for fountain pens). I think I used acrylic clear coat over it - was a while ago.
  4. I'd go for red too!
  5. Originally it was Richie Blackmore. I saw Rainbow at Wembley Arena when I was around 16 years old and it just blew me away. Later it was Bruce Foxton as he first made me realise that playing the bass was even cooler than playing the guitar. He had so much energy in his sound but still carried the rhythm perfectly - all while singing backing vocals! I just wanted my bass to sound like his.
  6. No 1 is closest for me but not so loud these days....
  7. Been using a Soundcraft Ui16 recently with a very similar band setup. I found I needed to roll off above 5kHz drastically and reduce both high mids and below 100Hz in order to get the FOH to sound like the bass amp. This was DI from a TC450. Ymmv....
  8. I'll second (or third!) that it could be worth loosening the neck bolts and shifting the neck. Worked a treat on my MIJ precision.
  9. I was involved in a fair bit of 'world music' in the 90's but I've never seen one of those!
  10. Maybe you could try some threadlock (or even clear nail varnish) on the saddle adjustment screws?
  11. You're not alone! The gitwrist in my band (a leftie) has a few fenders but nine times out of ten he picks up his old Squier Affinity Tele. The rest of us think it sounds better too but that could just be cos he plays it better....
  12. Watching it now......takes me back to my older brother's record collection 😀
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