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  1. Sometimes they can break at the eyelets where the wires connect to the coil winding which can be repaired. If there's a break or a short in the coil then they can be re-wound - remove the coil wires and wind a new coil - but there's no guarantee that it will sound the same afterwards. Someone who has the right knowledge and experience might get pretty close...
  2. Very nice, but not a fan of the XLR socket being on the front like that.
  3. We use old fashioned passive wedges powered by a stereo power amp sitting under the XR18 (foh is active). The gitwrist can control his from aux 1 on his ipad and the rest of us use aux 2 via the keyboard player's tablet. Has worked fine so far, even with an old analogue desk when we didn't have the XR (fortunately it had 3 auxes). The old drummer used in-ears, new drummer seems happy as long as he can hear bass and vox.
  4. Our keyboard player had similar symptoms from an srm450, fixed by tightening up the bolts holding the 15" driver in. They were all loose! Might be worth a check.
  5. You could try starting off with a needle file and use old strings (as files) to get the final fit and finish. Works surprisingly well if you take it slow with the needle file and just use the pointy bit at the end for the smaller slots.
  6. My wife has a similar reaction these days....
  7. My prep for tonight's do consisted of home-made burritos with the lovely Mrs Malarky! We did the setup and soundcheck this afternoon already.... Anyone playing tonight - have a good one 🎶
  8. Very nice local pub, The Angel. Great punters, great food and they've organised a minibus to take the band home - pick up the gear the next day. Looking forward to it 😀
  9. I have made an Ampmaker SE5 kit. It was great, with excellent instructions. One thing I might suggest in addition to all the good advice above - perform a thorough PAT test on your finished amp. There will be someone local who can do it if you're not qualified yourself.
  10. Our gigs last Friday and Saturday, both Christmas parties, 'Santa Baby' (Kylie Minogue?) and 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' went down pretty well. Just had a quick run through at soundcheck and got away with it. An actual Irish bloke got up to help sing Fairytale of New York on Friday, which worked out surprisingly well!
  11. Yes it is perfectly possible. The downside is that the balance between the two pickups may change. Could be better or worse but I suspect the QP will have a bit more output than a standard pickup.
  12. I do it, everyone ok's it and then the singer/guitarist changes it around 10 mins before we start. Every time. 🙄
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