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  1. In fact, after a few listens I think it's the bass line that's giving the song a nice lift and stopping the song from sounding too 'usual'
  2. Has anyone used the Co-Pilot Cubic? How near to OC-2 synth sound can you get? Is there any drop below unity gain if using just the soloed octave? Any clips? Thanks!
  3. Nice! :-) I like.. Is that an OC-2? are you using a compressor too? Sounds quite evenly fat. I don't think it's too busy for the vocal, but then I am bass focused!
  4. This fella concurs with that (http://stinkfoot.se/power-supplies)
  5. Hi :-) There's some serious reading on the subject here and details of many different power supplies... http://stinkfoot.se/power-supplies
  6. Also try having 1st pot set nearer to complete anticlockwise and it should sound less chirpy... actually this setting is likely to vary greatly from bass to bass. .. but once you get a good sound on setting 1, switch to setting 2 and it adds a phat lower octave.. I found this to be the most usable sound
  7. Hi...the middle pot controls the blend on setting 1 (envelope filter) so turning it anti-clockwise allows you to dial in more of your clean signal. I have managed to find a usable bass sound with little low end loss this way...give it a go!
  8. Greetings :-) Have you used it with an expression pedal? If so, does it control filter sweep like an IE xerograph etc?
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