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  1. I think it is a 210. It looks like the isobaric speaker they do. Rather than speakers next to each other they are stacked on behind the other... I might be wrong though
  2. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/P-Bass-Guitar-Body-Unique-Blue-Swirl-Painted-Bass-Guitar-Body-/162608172046?hash=item25dc33cc0e%3Ag%3AZ5YAAOSw3J5ZexnX&_trkparms=pageci%253A5a6eb008-89c7-11e7-9026-74dbd180f682%257Cparentrq%253A1ac253b315e0ab4d29a66a0efffef81a%257Ciid%253A25 I'm just going to leave this here....
  3. USA Fender Precision Bass Junior

    Looks to me like a refinished mark hoppus sig. Can see the surf green under that awful bright red finish.
  4. Have a squier vm maple for trade. Let me know.
  5. If I had the money i would be interested. Alas it appears I am sticking with EB for the time being until I have spare cash to throw at an EUB. GLWTS.
  6. Precision body - bargain???/

    [quote name='prowla' timestamp='1502390630' post='3351193'] I've got a black one you can have for half that minus the cost of a tin of paint! [/quote] Is this still available? I am also in berkshire!
  7. Assume this is not available anymore?
  8. Missed a bargain I reckon. If you dont like it pass it on! Or, on the off chance, is it replacing an olympic white body?
  9. Hi is this still available?
  10. ****SOLD****peavey classic 400 and 8x10 cab

    Bumpety bumpety bump. I need this sold. [b][size=5]Open to any and all offers. [/size][/b] Collection preferred or own courier. Bare in mind, theres about 115kg of amp and cab here - so if you have a mate with a van thats the best bet.
  11. Precision body - bargain???/

    Is it just a bad idea. Should I just get a £160 alder polyurethane body from northwest guitars and leave this one be? I like a bargain but the seller doesn't strike me with confidence.
  12. Buffered Boost Pedal £10 posted sold

    thanks. Let me have a think and ill get back to you soon.
  13. Precision body - bargain???/

    Part of me just thinks that if you were to deal in this stuff all the time, you'd know to remove the stickers and be honest about the condition. You'd also make mention to the fact that it is basswood. The lazy voice in my head is saying buy it, basswood isnt bad, the stickers will come off and all the holes are predrilled for the bridge and the routing for the pickups is finished. Just pop the bits on and play. the relicing is fine as its for a "gigging" bass. Already used up my offers on this guy. Cheeky enough, his final offer to me was for £95.00 - and now hes selling it for less. Everything says no and yet - i might still do it.
  14. So, I want an olympic white body. Bargain or rip off??? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Squier-Artist-Series-Chis-Aiken-P-Bass-BODY-Olympic-White-RELIC-5976-/142391202980?hash=item21272d54a4:g:IscAAOSwlY1ZIkZe It hasn't been looked after. But may polish up okay??
  15. P bass body

    Hi, I am after a precision bass body for my frankenbass build. Preferably a fender standard or good squier. Basswood, Ash, Alder or maple. I am replacing the body on a squier vintage modified p bass. Colours - What have you got? I am hoping for an olympic white or - if anyone is selling, seafoam green/daphne blue. Phil