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*** SOLD *** Stentor 1950 ¾ Double Bass, bag, and bow Bristol

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[size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]I've just upgraded to a new double bass, so up for sale is my ¾ size Stentor 1950 (AKA Student 1) with a carved top and laminate back and sides. The bass is light, rock-solid, and currently strung up for pizzicato. It does have several scuffs and chips mainly around the bottom rims having been gigged at retro-festivals, bars, open mics etc, so it's not pristine, but nothing that affects the playability or the structural integrity of the instrument.[/font][/size]
[size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]I believe this bass is around 10 -15 years old, I've owned it for six. It's currently strung with Presto Jazzicato black nylon wound steel rope core strings, which to my ears work great on this half-carved bass and give a lovely gut-like thump sound, and they amplify well through your average PA. They're also light and easy on the hands – perfect for those long performances.[/font][/size]
[size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]Included are the original 'solo' tuning strings (for bowing) and bow that came with the bass (probably a stock Stentor bundle bow), so if you want to play arco you could put these strings back on. The action is low, so it's easy to play. The bass has a nice chunky rubber end-pin to protect your floors, and a lightly-padded cover/gig bag, which will keep the rain off.[/font][/size]
[size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]Come and give it a try in central Bristol. Collect from central Bristol, cash/Paypal on pickup, thanks.[/font][/size]

[size=4][b][font=Arial, sans-serif]Standard Stentor Features & Specifications[/font][/b][/size]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Body:[/b] Hand finished wood[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Top:[/b] Solid Carved Spruce[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Sides:[/b] Laminated Maple[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Back:[/b] Laminated Maple[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Finish:[/b] Transparent brown varnish[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Bridge:[/b] Fitted maple[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Neck:[/b] Maple fingerboard[/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif]· [b]Tuning Pegs:[/b] Brass geared[/font][/size][/indent]

[indent=1][font=Arial, sans-serif]Photos (Please note: Stand and pickup are NOT included)[/font][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif][url="https://goo.gl/photos/LLwznZ2tuvkffTgu8"]https://goo.gl/photo...wznZ2tuvkffTgu8[/url][/font][/size][/indent]
[indent=1][size=4][font=Arial, sans-serif][url="https://goo.gl/photos/S21f1X4WSgV69Ef78"]https://goo.gl/photo...1f1X4WSgV69Ef78[/url][/font][/size][/indent]

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Just wanted to chip in to say that these basses are great for getting started on double bass! Having been an electric-bass player all my life, I bought a used Stentor to experiment with upright and add a few strings to my bow. 8 years and I'm still playing it! The right balance of quality and affordability for me and I can gig it in seedy bars and clubs without being utterly terrified of scratches and dings etc.

If you're thinking about making the jump into playing grown up bass, this instrument would be a great shout.


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If I had the money i would be interested. Alas it appears I am sticking with EB for the time being until I have spare cash to throw at an EUB. GLWTS.

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[quote name='kristo' timestamp='1503910819' post='3361415']
I wish I was your side of the country!

I drove from W. Yorks to Perth in Scotland to get my bass. If it's a great bass, it's worth the effort to get there.

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