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  1. I'd be interested lol . I'd be a lot more comfortable buying off here than run the risk with sending cash and praying you receive it off Gumtree.
  2. The only reason I posted the link was the bass was (I think anyway) a good deal. I live in Belfast, so no chance of me scooping it. So, why not pass it on to someone who could possibly live round the corner. No harm was meant, just trying to help someone grab a bargain.
  3. Sorry, my bad. Just seen no Gumtree allowed, apologies.
  4. Possible wee bargain here . Bass guitar 5 string | in Livingston, West Lothian | Gumtree
  5. Thanks Basszilla, means alot. Talked a few hours before it happened, Paddy was busting to get back to jamming/recording when all this madness lifted. Stunned.
  6. This is my first attempt at recording a full band. Just went for it, rough idea what I'm doing....sort it out later. A little rough round the edges, but hey that's METAL !!!! I lost my best friend at the start of this month, He drummed on these tracks. I hope I done Him proud. This is for Paddy. UP THE IRONS !!!! Negative Of A Man | Gravepath (bandcamp.com)
  7. Great album. Infinity - YouTube
  8. The guy who mixed AJFA, talks about the bass situation. Metallica Mixer Explains Missing Bass on 'And Justice for All' - YouTube
  9. Found this on Reverb troops, looks sweet. Can't seem to find much info tho. E Bass V-5 handmade in Britain fretless bass | Tom's Gear | Reverb Hmmmmmm.......
  10. Cash converters got a 5 string for sale. Don't know much myself, but could be of interest to some one here. https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/shop/product/jaydee-celeste-5-string-bass-guitar-1989/229245?list=Search results
  11. Thanks everyone. Lefty, you were right matey, for some reason someone cranked the trim pot on the B down to near enough nothing. Just in case, in the cavity each string has its own volume pot for the piezo.
  12. Hi, Got a Esh 5 string various, and while I'm still getting to grips with it, one setting has a really low out put on the B string(may be the piezo setting). Any ideas ? Cheers in advance.
  13. Yeah, the new RSB's are not that great looking. What's with the scratch plate ?
  14. Always loved the SB shape (Cliff Burton) so always wanted a 5 string one. Found one recently, but the frets had been pulled . How do they sound ? Do they handle the low B well ? Anything to be aware of ? Cheers, Paul
  15. Thanks troops. So far I've seen 2 Esh models (one with dual K.Armstrong SB's and the other had a set of EMG j PU's) , I am leaning more towards the Warwick. I have a Spector Euro, wonder piece of kit. Got a gap where I can squeeze another bass in.
  16. Greetings. Both bass's seem to have loads of tonal options, and since I'm due a new bass( it's not a crime to be good to yourself) was wondering what experience people have had ? I'm looking at the 5 string versions. Any info would be great. Cheers, Paul
  17. May be of interest to somebody. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jazz-Bass-Custom-Built-Spalted-Mahogany-Maple-Active-Passive-EQ/163525000405?hash=item2612d97cd5:g:kWAAAOSwiKdcWB-h:rk:14:pf:0
  18. Thanks guys. Gonna see what the best price is. The electronics could be shot, the neck warped, truss rod busted, so could be looking at just a body.
  19. Well just found out the frets have been pulled and not filled. New neck ? New board ? Whats a fair price for whats left ?
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