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  1. Or - left-field suggestion alert - willing to invest in the PA side...
  2. Sorry to be late back to the party on this one. Whilst I've never used this mixer amp before, I think it's a fair guess that the FX1 and FX2 outs on the front panel there are re-labelled aux busses - I suppose for you to add your own outboard FX, as required. As such, you then have a max of 3 monitor mixes available. In that regard, it should be quite straightforward But coming back to the point, whacking an XLR from your amp into a channel on that thing will do no harm. As EBS says, the PA could be worrying about the heft for you - if the cabs are up to it - for no reason, I'm guessing these are old Peavey Eurosys. BW Equipped, natch...
  3. First, My question about weight in relation to Trace cabs was because I knew they're quite heavy. Totally depends upon the amp and what particular cabinet you intend upon. Also what sort of music you play! Whilst Barefaced stuff may be great - not for me, but I know there's lots of fans in these parts - they're rarely in the price range you originally stated. I use 12" speakers in my rig, to my mind/ear they're a good balance between low end response and having the articulation of smaller drivers. I have 2 Bergantino 1x12s, and there's an immediate apparent difference in adding the other driver - but sometimes (in fact quite often) I don't need both. Others will no doubt explain this in dissected detail, but when shopping for cabs the main thing to look for is frequency range, sensitivity of driver and the given spl of the cabinet. Just like amps, wattage doesn't equate perceived volume. Also, you might decide you like certain things - like you may prefer a horn over a piezo tweeter, or even no tweeter at all. As an affordable decent quality option, I'd look at the Fender Rumble 112 cabinets. Less than £300 new, with a ceramic magnet Eminence driver.
  4. Time left: 5d 10h (20 Dec, 2017 19:22:09 GMT) £216.00 - 18 bids Oh dear.
  5. Further reading of the listing shows a HB-esque fake tort guard and odd proportioning. Of greater concern is the fact that here are bids on the thing. Some poor people may be about to be fleeced...
  6. Isn't it still wet from the waterslide in the photo?
  7. I've been checking this channel out for a while - great shout. Some well known and not so well known acts, all of them great so far. Even the sub-par Avenue Q ripoff...
  8. I suspected initially that these were old stock, because they're the older design. But NOS or not, no excuse for them to be wonky.
  9. No worries - I was aware of that - but if even the words of the venerable Mr Fitzmaurice can't convince you otherwise, I guess this is something you need to do. Excelsior to you, sir!
  10. To use another oft heard phrase on TB, I fear this path will lead to your amp 'releasing the magic smoke'...
  11. A Herty welcome to you, A-Mod....
  12. Congratulations! Richly deserved.
  13. There are several flavours. They may well meet (or even exceed) your expectations. Mostly clear, bright sounding cabs. I've never used on that wasn't running a TC head, so it's difficult to say how they would sound with an MB head. As an aside, thought about Trace cabs? They are knocking around for very good money atm, as they suffer from not being as fashionable. One wonders how important the weight issue is...?
  14. Opulence! I lived in the tremolo of a Mk1 Watkins Dominator with my 12 siblings... It was however bay fronted.
  15. That appears to have a J neck. Does anyone else concur? Absolute bargain.
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