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  1. Bass for £10

    That appears to have a J neck. Does anyone else concur? Absolute bargain.
  2. Bass Cab Multi-tasking

    I have a 15" HH PA cab that has served as our coffee/side table for several years...
  3. Yet More Band Name Woes

    Good Lord! One of Mr E's best early lines, IMO. He leads that one from the front.
  4. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    IME, declining to quote is not the same as refusal of insurance.
  5. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    All of it could be sloppy editing / post-prod. In no way knocking Tony Levin. He's a marvellous player.
  6. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    Having just re-watched the video, I concur. Seems Mr Levin was acting here more in the role of performer, unless the instrumentation has been re-dubbed on in post-production. Four or five different times I spotted where he wasn't playing but the line was there - or was playing something markedly different to the track.
  7. Live bands compress bass - since when?!

    Gratuitous Tom Jones-esque thrusting there by Mr Gabriel...
  8. GAK/Gibson EB 5-string/£399

    Not wanting to be a grump, but I'd say the s/h values are now through the floor as a result of this...
  9. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    * Name and address changed for reasons of privacy..
  10. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    Sounds like they're describing an intangible sense of expense justification! But I'm glad you got the appropriate end of my stick.
  11. Cabs for 2 ohm amp - a dilemma....

    With the greatest of respect Mudpup, that sound like forum talk.
  12. Resurrecting a 60's Guyatone amp

    Well done on persevering on this amp. I love to read about people deciding to get suck in with repairing things instead of disposing. Glad it turned out well for you so far. Re: he issues you describe, have you confirmed the reverb tank is operational? I mean in terms of a basic continuity test.
  13. TC Electronic K Series Cabs 2 x 12

    I wondered if you'd done something on them. Excellent!