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  1. AntonioDamato

    Lakland 55-02 Deluxe (SOLD)

    Hi, interested here. Write You a pm. Thanks
  2. Hi, still for sale? Where is the bass located? I'll send you a pm. Thanks. Antonio
  3. AntonioDamato

    Sadowsky MS5

  4. AntonioDamato

    Sadowsky Metro 5 String Standard Sunburst

    Is this still for sale? I'll send you a PM.
  5. AntonioDamato


  6. AntonioDamato

    For Sale, Sadowsky Metro RV5

    Hi Cris, still for sale? I'm sending You a pm.
  7. AntonioDamato

    Sold - EHX Bass Microsynth £100 posted

    Interested in this. I write you on pm. Antonio.
  8. Is the Voodoo Lab still for sale? I'm from Italy. I just sent you a private message. Thank You! Antonio D'Amato
  9. AntonioDamato

    *SOLD*Fender Squire JV Jazz 1984

    Very interested in it. Pm'd.
  10. AntonioDamato

    Squier JV Series Jazz

    Is this bass still for sale? Very interested in it. Antonio D'Amato